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Protecting your RV in Mexico with top-quality insurance from Mapfre, Chubb, or Qualitas – compare and choose.

You already know insurance is required to cross the border – let’s be real if you are taking an RV you’re going to need a TIP and the FMM and they will want to look at your insurance.  But did you know that the MexInsurance® system has 3 options to choose from?  As of the Spring 2022 we have options with up to $200,000 in total theft and collision coverage in Mexico, and you can customize your quote to the smallest of details.    Congratulations you found it – this system was designed for RV travelers.

1) Select a Quote

Enter dates of coverage, tell us about the general risks you want covered.

2) Confirm & Pay

Provide specific details of your Camper Van or RV and pay with a credit or debit card.

3) Download Policy

Download your insurance policy.

Be ready for the border. Get your trip off to a good start by being prepared at the border. Mexican liability insurance is only provided by Mexican insurance companies. If you do not have proof of your insurance policy when you cross the border into Mexico, they will make you purchase one on the spot. It’s a hassle and you’ll probably be overcharged. Have all your documents, including Mexican RV insurance, ready before you head towards the border in your rig.

  • You are legally required to have minimum liability insurance for your RV provided by a Mexican insurance company.
  • The problem: The legally required amount often isn’t enough insurance for your RV if you are in an accident in Mexico.
  • If you don’t have enough… it could cost you jail time until recompense can be arranged for the victim(s).


Think about what you need to rest easy on your RV adventure. Your home-on-wheels will be your everything: your transport, lodging, and recreation hub. If something goes wrong, your entire adventure can be disrupted.
Don’t stress! Instead, take some of the weight off your RV-driving shoulders by getting a Mexico RV insurance policy that’s perfect for you.

5 minutes online and you’ll have...

  • – A customized quote that is specific to your needs with theft and collision of your RV or Van up to $200,000 US.
  • – A reliable RV policy with a Mexican insurance company
  • – An experienced U.S.-based broker to assist you, if needed

What makes MexInsurance “#1 in Quality” for all your Mexican RV Insurance needs …

When you purchase a policy through MexInsurance®, you can sleep easy knowing that if you have an accident in Mexico, you have someone to call.

Three (3) Mexican companies are competing for your business!  If the Quálitas policy doesn’t work for you – select the Mapfre or Chubb options!
  • – Chubb will extend coverage to your towed 5th wheel or travel trailer even when it’s detached.
  • – Mapfre provides theft and collision up to $200,000US
  • – Customize your coverage limits to the most minute detail.  Want extra medical but less Liability?  No problem.

* $ All values on this website are in USD – $

Slide over to the Automobile insurance page if your RV is towed behind a pickup truck.  A towed RV will be covered while attached to the towing vehicle.  Once it is detached from the towing vehicle, the RV is not covered unless you purchase the Chubb Platinum option, then the towed RV will be covered when detached for up to $35,000 as long as you place that value on your application for the towed unit.

Towing Mexico RV
Towing Mexico RV

If you have a camper on your pickup truck, it can be added to your automobile policy and vehicle type pickup truck.  Add the value of the camper to your truck or list it separately as a “towed unit.”

Towing Mexico RV

Providing Legal and Financial Insurance Protection for You in Mexico

MexInsurance® is a system developed by Mexico Insurance Services, Inc. that serves as a platform for top companies in Mexico to compete for your business.  We use the community of clients and their reported claims experience as a central part of our recommended banner algorithm.  So no matter what is important to you – we can help you identify the best options for RV insurance in Mexico.  If your agent or broker isn’t offering MexInsurance®, ask them why!

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