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Congratulations, you found the best online option for Mexican car insurance. We present ONLY quotes from the top 10 companies in Mexico (based on total premium volume per annum). Customize your quote to exactly what you’re looking for by balancing coverage limits and cost. This is how MexInsurance® works – high-quality coverage on a high-quality online experience. You get exactly the car insurance in Mexico that you want and need.

All Mexican car insurance companies presented here are in the top 10 in annual sales in the Republic of Mexico (see the report here).  If a company has excessive adverse claims experience, they are replaced by the next best option.  Do you have a favorite Insurance company in Mexico?  Let us know, and if they meet the size, strength, and reputation criteria, we will consider them. Click below to start your quote, and relax, you can’t go wrong here.

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If you’re headed to Mexico, get the right car insurance BEFORE you get to the border.

There are many great reasons to DRIVE to Mexico…to surf, for a mission trip, to enjoy your retirement home, to visit family, for business… the list goes on.  But do you know WHAT you need to drive in Mexico and WHY you need it?


1. A car insurance policy issued by a Mexican insurer.
2. Sufficient liability coverage—liability protects you if you are in an accident while driving in Mexico and it’s your fault.
3. A plan for roadside assistance


1. Getting Mexican car insurance is the law.
2. Getting a policy at the border means… Long lines. High rates. Inadequate coverage. Frustration. Confusion.
3. Getting in an accident without sufficient liability coverage means… Mexican jail time!
4. When your car has issues in a foreign country, it can be disastrous. Where do you get help? Will they speak English?

We will get you on your way with the car insurance you need for driving your US or Canadian vehicle in Mexico.

How It Works

5 minutes online and you’ll have:

  • legally required Mexico car insurance
  • a policy with a well-established Mexican insurance company
  • an experienced U.S.-based broker to assist you, if needed

It’s simple and secure

  1.  Compare quotes from top-rated Mexican companies with basic information on your vehicle and your stay.
  2.  Select your quote, and complete the application for coverage.
  3.  Print your insurance documents from anywhere, at any time.
Choose a Mexico insurance policy that fits your specific travel needs.

Before you reach the border, you will be covered with the BEST Mexican car insurance and peace of mind.

Some key features of the MexInsurance® system:

• Short-term or long-term policies available, the rater automatically adjusts the term for the best rate
• Dynamic rating, point and click to see instantly how the rate is affected by increases or decreases in coverage
• Better options optimized for towing trailers and fifth wheels

Make sure your vehicle is covered by a reputable Mexican car insurance company.

MexInsurance® is an online Mexican insurance system presented by Mexico Insurance Services, Inc.

Each State in Mexico has a law on the books that address financial responsibility while driving on the roads, and the Federal Government also has a law that requires insurance.  The minimum required by law depends on the state, but what’s important to remember is that the mandated minimums only address civil damages. Still, a judge can add punitive damages, and there is no limit to what a judge can assess.  Buy as much liability as you can afford.  Our app is designed to make it super easy to compare the price difference and encourage you to buy as much as possible.

$   All amounts are expressed in USD – the currency is USD.   $

The Liability limits expressed here are in Combined Single Limit (CSL).  A CSL amount includes bodily injury, property damage, and death benefits.  To put into perspective, the minimum requirement in the United States is around $80,000 but varies depending on the State (our Northbound Insurance product page shows the minimum requirements in each).

Providing Legal and Financial Insurance Protection for You in Mexico

These Mexican insurance companies are currently offering their products on this platform.


3 things you should be asking about your car insurance before driving in Mexico

(But you’re probably only asking one of them)

1. Is my car insurance in the U.S.A. or Canada valid in Mexico? Probably not.

As a matter of fact, insurance laws, policies, and coverage vary from state to state even within the US. You can imagine how that gets even more complicated when you’re driving in Mexico. There are some US and Canadian auto insurance policies that will provide coverage for people driving in Mexico, but those are rare.

2. Does my car insurance cover me in the entire country of Mexico? Probably not. (Are you noticing a pattern?)

Most auto insurance policies, IF they cover you in Mexico, only cover you for a small part of the country. Often it is 20-30 miles from the border. Be certain you know exactly which parts of Mexico your insurance will and won’t cover you in.

3. Will my car insurance cover me for everything needed if I am in an accident in Mexico? (I bet you know the answer…) Probably not.

Mexico has different laws than the U.S. and Canada when it comes to car insurance. Your policy may cover some of your obligations, but what you don’t have may cause you to end up in jail! Yes, Mexican jail!

Before you head across the border, be certain you have everything you need. Our experienced team is happy to help you get ALL the answers you need so that when you are driving in Mexico you have the proper coverage and peace of mind.

Whatever the occasion for driving to Mexico, we are here to help with all your Mexico car insurance needs.

When you purchase a policy through MexInsurance®, you can sleep easy knowing that if you have a problem, it’s no problem… your insurance is good, and the insurance company is one of the top 5 in Mexico.

All Mexican insurance companies on the MexInsurance® platform  are required to provide the following optional features in their auto insurance policies:

Need help? Reach out to a licensed Mexico insurance representative or customer service agent at our office in the United States.

If you need to file a claim, you have a 24×7 claims hotline available to call with an english speaking representative on the other end of the phone.  We only offer coverage from the top companies in Mexico.

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