Home and Condo Insurance for Mexico

Home and Condo Insurance for Mexico

Mexico Insurance Services, Inc. is now presenting home insurance for single-family homes and condominiums through NFP (U.S. Servicer) and GNP (Mexican Insurance Company) on the MexInsurance® platform.

Fear not if you are wary about buying a second home in Mexico due to the political and language barriers that make the paperwork and legal aspects hazy.


Grupo Nacional Provincial (GNP) is one of the largest insurers in Mexico. This partnership with MexInsurance® provides comprehensive and easy-to-apply insurance.

Will GNP Mexico Home Insurance Perform like a U.S. Policy?

Nothing is more important after an emergency than filing a claim and getting your home back in livable condition quickly after an emergency.

That’s why we partnered with NFP Partners and GNP.  GNP is one of the best Home Insurance programs in Mexico that uses the U.S. home insurance model.  And NFP, as the servicer ensures you have qualified and skilled home insurance expertise available.

Attention Airbnb and VRBO owners looking for Mexico Homeowners Insurance

The Mexico Homeowners policy offers:

  • liability coverage for long-term and short-term rental units,
  • coverage during their rental periods,
  • reimbursement for as many as six months if damage results in the loss of rental income
  • reimbursement for as many as six months if damage results in your home becoming inhabitable and you need lodging

This policy is not for apartment buildings or commercial hotels/motels.

Buying Homeowners Insurance for your property in Mexico doesn’t have to be complicated.

Buying Homeowners Insurance for your property in Mexico doesn’t have to be complicated.

Step #1  No meetings or phone calls are necessary.
Step #2 Apply online
Step #3 Choose your deductible and options. (see below)
Step #4 Check out securely with a credit or debit card.

Yep. That’s it. It has never been easier to secure top-quality homeowners insurance in Mexico.

Home and Condo Insurance for Mexico


In addition to reliable coverage, optional insurance add-ons for your home include earthquake and hydro coverage n Mexico.

Hydro-meteorological coverage (That’s a fancy way of saying protection for hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, and floods) This type of coverage protects your home or condo from water-based natural disasters. Bonus: Owners do not need to install storm shutters! Although if you own a home in a hurricane-prone region of Mexico, we certainly won’t discourage it, they aren’t required.

Theft coverage Mexico Homeowner’s Insurance, you do not have to install security bars over the windows. This helps preserve the value of your home while maintaining insurability.

Earthquake and volcanic eruption coverage Volcanic coverage may not be concerning in all areas of Mexico, but many regions in Mexico are prone to seismic disturbances.

Bilingual Support

The last thing you need when it’s time to file an insurance claim for your home or condo in Mexico is to struggle with communication.
That is why all policy documentation is in English and Spanish, and our 24/7 claims call center is bilingual.

A Broker You Can Trust

“Insurance that’s good enough for your mom.”

—Charles Lundy, Founder & CEO

Providing Legal and Financial Homeowners Insurance Protection for You in Mexico

We are an exclusive broker of online Mexico home insurance. We have licenses in CA, AZ, TX, NV, VA

The Company is responsible for the homeowner’s policies that MexInsurance.com offers. We couldn’t be happier to work alongside Grupo Nacional Provincial for all your home insurance needs. GNP’s excellent financial strength rating helps add credit to our strong insurance packages. It reinforces the ability of any client to file a claim in the case of a catastrophic event. With the backing of GNP, you can rest assured that every claim will be addressed quickly and efficiently.

Insurance Company


Our bilingual team is eager and available to assist you with all your Mexico Homeowners insurance needs so you can confidently enjoy your investment.