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Get Mexican Car Insurance in Escondido, and here is why. Thousands of residents in Escondido and the surrounding area neglect to buy insurance prior to their trip south. But did you know that your American car insurance is not recognized in Mexico? This means that you will not have the coverage and protection you need in case of an auto accident while you are in the country.

This is why it is extremely important to purchase Mexican car insurance before you travel to our neighbor. In fact, you should make sure to buy it several days or weeks before you head to Mexico.

Buying auto insurance at the border will cost you more so buying one beforehand can help save a lot of money. If you have never bought car insurance for Mexico before, you should learn exactly how to do it to make the process easier.

How You Purchase Mexican Car Insurance in Escondido

The best way to purchase auto insurance for Mexico is the same as purchasing regular auto insurance.

You can buy coverage on the Internet through a reputable auto insurance company. Large insurance providers partner up with insurance companies in Mexico that specialize in international auto insurance policies.

As mentioned earlier, you can also buy it at the border, but such policies usually cost several times more. Overall, buying Mexican car insurance is not all too different from purchasing American auto insurance.

Escondido Avocados
Escondido Avocados

When you buy Mexican auto insurance, the provider will ask for:

  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • The value of your vehicle
  • The limits you want
  • The duration you will be in Mexico
  • The places you will be driving in Mexico
  • If your car will be driven by anyone under the age of 21
  • If you are towing anything

Unlike with American insurance, you will not be required to provide much information about your driving record before buying Mexican car insurance.

Coverage in this type of insurance consists of some type of first-party medical insurance benefits, a lump-sum liability limit and uninsured motorist insurance.

With the top car insurance policies for Mexico, you may also have the option to add other endorsements, like insurance for rental cars, roadside assistance and even coverage to pay for a flight, should there be a mishap with your vehicle.

Get the Best Mexican Car Insurance Before You Travel

You can purchase auto insurance for Mexico on the Internet and get the coverage you need for your trip.® – providing quality Mexican Car Insurance in Escondido since 2003

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