Insurance for Mexican Vehicles

If you drive a Mexican-plated vehicle into the United States you are required to carry insurance for Mexican vehicles. Each state has different minimum liability requirements, whether you travel to Texas, California or all the way up to Canada. Thanks to the new partnership between® and Chubb, this Northbound insurance policy will cover you.

Foreign vehicles in the U.S. Must Still Carry Insurance

Whether you’re going to school in the US, doing business or simply visiting family, you need to make sure you have US insurance for Mexican cars when you’re out of the country.

Coverage Abroad

One of the most important things you need to understand about your car insurance is when you are and aren’t covered. Having an insurance policy won’t do you any good if you’re driving somewhere where it isn’t in effect.

The truth of the matter is, insurance laws and policies vary quite a bit even from state to state within the US. While one state may require you to have a certain amount of coverage, another state may require $10,000 more for that type of coverage. This is why, for the most part, insurance policies don’t even transfer from one state to another. Most insurance providers do offer an out-of-state option, but that’s mostly for emergencies and won’t cover most standard problems.

San Luis Potosi License Plate insurance in the US
San Luis Potosi License Plate – Northbound Insurance

When you’re outside of the country, things get even dicier. Insurance laws in other countries are very different from the US, which makes it difficult for US coverage to work in other countries and vice versa. There are some US insurance policies that will provide coverage for people traveling to Canada or Mexico, but those are rare. The truth of the matter is, your insurance policy won’t do you any good if you’re traveling out of the country, which is why getting a US insurance policy is so important.

Legal Requirements

If you’re planning on driving in the US with a vehicle from Mexico, it’s critical to have an understanding of US auto insurance laws. Basically, you’re required to carry auto insurance in the United States just about anywhere you go. There are two states that don’t require you to have insurance—New Hampshire and Virginia—but they’re both far from the border and there are several additional requirements.

Drivers who are caught driving without a valid insurance policy can face numerous penalties. In the state of California, drivers who are caught driving without valid insurance are subject to a $100 to $200 fine for their first offense. The second offense comes with a fine of $200 to $500. Your vehicle will also be towed and impounded, which means you have to pay for the towing and pay a fee to get your vehicle back.

If you’re involved in an accident in the state of California without valid insurance, your driving privileges may be suspended for up to four years. If you do get another insurance policy when your privileges are reinstated, you’ll have to get an SR-22 certificate and pay more for your insurance.

US Insurance with Mexico Plates

Most drivers have a valid insurance policy where they live, but things can get a bit more complicated when you’re talking about out-of-state or out-of-country coverage. Nobody wants to pay a fortune for insurance in a country they rarely visit. On the other hand, it’s important to have that coverage every time you do visit the US if you want to stay out of legal trouble.

Chubb Insurance can help you get the auto insurance you need to travel abroad safely, even if you drive a vehicle with Mexico plates. Chances are you don’t want to pay month after month for expensive US auto insurance, and our Northbound temporary US auto insurance is the perfect solution to that problem. You can get the coverage you need to drive safely and legally in the United States even if you’ve got Mexico plates and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Chubb’s temporary insurance policies are designed to be affordable and short term, which means you get the coverage you need for only as long as you need it. You get all the coverage you need, which includes the legally required amount of third party bodily injury liability coverage, third party property damage liability coverage and more.

In addition to providing you with the basic coverage you need to drive legally in the US, Chubb also provides you with additional assistance to make your trip a little easier. Whether you have a flat tire, run out of fuel or lock yourself out of your car, our roadside assistance service will be there to help. If your vehicle is stolen and you have to rent another one for transportation in the meantime, we’ll help pay for that. We can even provide things like lodging and legal assistance to make sure you always have help when you need it.

Chubb can cover a wide range of vehicles and drivers, including the following:

  • Vehicles which have Mexico license plates or circulation permits which were issued in Mexico
  • Private passenger vehicles
  • Vehicles that weigh up to 3.5 tons
  • Drivers between the ages of 18-74

Since our temporary policies are designed to provide you with short-term coverage when you’re traveling, it’s easy to terminate and reinstate your policy as your needs change. Chubb’s Northbound temporary auto insurance is designed to give you an easy and affordable way to get the coverage you need to drive in the US.

If you have any questions about our Northbound temporary insurance policies, the legal insurance requirements in the US or you simply want to purchase temporary coverage, call one of our agents today.