Do you offer insurance for Mexican Rental Cars?

No, we offer Tourist Auto insurance which is defined as non-resident vehicle insurance. If you rent a car in Mexico, it will be registered in Mexico and you will need to purchase the Mexican insurance from the rental agency.

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Do we need passports to cross the border?

There are different way to cross the border, and some confusion regarding the new laws and requirements for each mode of crossing. The travel by Air and Ship has different requirements than Foot/vehicle crossing. We will address only the requirements for crossing by land (walk/drive). In June 2009 it will be required to have a passport or passport card to cross back into the United States by land. Until then, you must show proof of citizenship, either with birth certificate or other government issued proof of citizenship. We wise, and get your passport or passport card.

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Does my American insurance cover me in Mexico?

In short, NO. Although there are some American insurance companies who extend their coverage into Mexico, within a certain distance of the border, for Comprehensive and Collision risks, however, the Mexican Authorities DO NOT recognize American insurance. Because it is the law to have insurance in Mexico from a Mexican insurance company you must carry at least liability coverage from a domiciled Mexican carrier. It is safe to have a complete coverage package, as is offered here but if you speak with your domestic insurance agent you might be able to save some money and compliment your domestic coverage with a liability package from Qualitas. You can purchase Liability Only and Complete Coverage packages here.

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Can I speak to someone in the United States, in English?

Yes, you can call our office at 858.663.6453. As a brokerage offering insurance from Qualitas we can answer your coverage questions but if you are in an accident you must report your accident in Mexico to the insurance company so that they can assist you immediately.

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What is the "Increased Liability" option?

Increased liability (Combined Single Limit or CSL) is the option of increasing the standard $150,000 liability coverage offered with our standard package. This coverage (Risk 3) is the maximum amount the insurance company will pay to cover damage to a third party caused by you and/or any listed driver on the policy with permission to drive the vehicle. The maximum liability limit offered is $300,000.

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What is the "Business Use" option?

If you are using the listed vehicle for business purposes while in Mexico, or if this vehicle is owned by a business you must select this option. All business vehicles are assessed a 20% premium surcharge.

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How secure is my credit card transaction?

As an exclusive online brokerage for Mexico Insurance we understand the risks out there with regard to identity theft and fraud. All transaction processing that involves personally identifiable information is encrypted, and the internet tunnel your browser uses to communicate with our server we force to use an encrypted Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) tunnel. We are very conscious and alert to the risks, and focus a significant amount of our time ensuring proper data handling procedures.

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What is the "Towed Units" option?

When you tow a unit to a listed vehicle, your insurance policy considers this towed unit a part of your vehicle and it must be listed. Failure to list a towed unit can result in the denial of any claim submitted to Qualitas.

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What is the difference between Liability Only and Complete Coverage options?

The Liability Only policy covers Risks 3, 4 and 5 (Third party liability, Medical Payments and Legal Aid). This is the legal requirement in Mexico.

The Complete Coverage policy also includes coverage for Risks 1 and 2 (Collision and Comprehensive). This is required by most auto finance companies for travel into Mexico. We are recognized and accepted by all auto finance companies including GMAC, Toyota Financial, Honda Motor Credit, Ford Motor Credit, Capital One Auto Finance, and many many more (all of them).

*Motorcycle type vehicles do not include Risk 4, medical payments.

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Is there a Mexican Number for traffic information?

Telnor offers this info-line: (*427472) asterisk-GARITA.

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What is the Sentri lane?

The Sentri Lane is a special lane at the border for trusted travelers. This is a program from the Customs and Border Protection. The telephone number for appointments is (619) 661-3170 or you can access the online information here: CBP Sentri

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Do you have a list of important phone numbers?

  • Red Cross Tijuana 065
  • Red Cross Rosarito 066
  • Police 060
  • Fire Department 068
  • CESP (Water Dept.) 073
  • Time (exact hour) 030
  • Information 040
  • Collect Calls 090
  • Federal Highway (664)682-5285
  • Tourist assistance (661)612-0200
  • Tourist Assist Baja 078

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How can you tell the police apart?

Federal Police

When you drive on any Federal road these are the officers who address traffic incidents. Their distinctive black and white cars are easy to identify. They have authority on the roads between cities and towns, or on open highways. You might see them setup on the side of the road with high powered weapons ensuring the security to the upcoming town.

State Police

Identified by the words Vialidad y Transportes on the sides of their cars. These State Trooper police supervise all commercial vehicles and are clearly marked in white, yellow and blue vehicles. They do not handle normal traffic tickets or accidents.

Municipal Police

These officers enforce all driving traffic conditions around town. Please see our blog article on the new Mail-in tickets that are being issued in Northern Baja areas. These tickets allow for a traffic citation to be mailed in, instead of paid on the spot or at the station.

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