Mexico City
Mexico City, Mexico
(1,800 miles from San Diego :: 1,000 from Austin)

Mexico Insurance Claims

It is important to understand that when you purchase a Tourist Automobile Insurance certificate, you are purchasing a Mexican product from a Mexican Insurance Company. For this reason it is extremely important that you engage the company in Mexico prior to your return to the U.S. The 24-hour toll-free claims hot-line is displayed on your certificate for your convenience.

  • Call the claims hot-line (555-258-2880 or 01-800-800-2880
  • Call before you leave Mexico
  • Get the adjuster's name, number, and email, and list all witnesses with contact information
  • Get the police contact information
  • To follow up on a pre-existing claim please contact 01 52 664 634 27 81 and have your claim # ready.

Toll-free, bilingual hot-line to be dialed in Mexico.

555-258-2880 or 01-800-800-2880