Why Buy Mexican Auto Insurance Before Your Road Trip?

Why Buy Mexican Auto Insurance Before Your Road Trip?

Are you planning on going on a road trip to Mexico? It is definitely one of the best ways to travel south of the border. However, before you begin driving to Mexico, you should make sure that you have the right car insurance policy. Your US car insurance will not cover you in Mexico so you will need to purchase Mexican auto insurance.

Mexican law requires all drivers to have a proper car insurance policy to drive legally in the country.

Whether you are driving your own vehicle or a rental car, you should buy the right Mexican insurance policy to ensure that you are properly covered and protected in case you get into an accident while driving in Mexico.

Importance of Buying Mexican Auto Insurance

As mentioned earlier, US car insurance policies are not recognized in Mexico. Under the country’s law, all motorists must have “proof of financial responsibility”, in case of an automobile accident.

It does not matter whether or not you are at fault for the accident. As a tourist traveling in Mexico, the only way you can demonstrate this financial responsibility is to have Mexican auto insurance or sufficient real currency to cover any injury or damage resulting from the incident.

It is extremely important to remember that any non-Mexican insurance does not provide the coverage you need for liability for potential car accidents and it also does not fulfill the basic requirements for insurance as per Mexican law.

Each state in Mexico sets potential criminal and civil liability amounts that a motorist would be responsible for in case there is a fatality in an auto accident, or fatality to others.

You should know the liability amount set in the state could be as high as $300,000 per fatality. It could also be higher than this amount, depending upon which state you are traveling in.

You need to make sure to have Mexican auto insurance as it can greatly reduce the financial burden you might have to take on after a car accident and it may also help in reducing jail time.

If you do not have a proper policy that covers you, you can go to jail by Mexican authorities.

Buy Your Mexican Car Insurance Online

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