What You Need to Know About Mexico Insurance For Rental Cars

What You Need to Know About Mexico Insurance For Rental Cars

Whether you are driving your own car or a rental car to Mexico, you must make sure that you have Mexico insurance to avoid paying a fortune for damages or legal fees. The same applies when you rent a car in Mexico as well.

The good news is that it is not difficult to obtain comprehensive coverage from a good Mexican auto insurance policy. In fact, there are reliable companies that provide this type of insurance online, saving you time and money.

You also have the option of buying car insurance for Mexico at the border zone, but it is best to avoid this as they are typically much more expensive than buying one before you begin your road trip.

Basics of Mexico Insurance from Mexican Car Rental Companies

Of the various levels of insurance offered by Mexican car rental companies, only one is mandatory. Here is a look at the basics of Mexico insurance for rental cars – the listed costs are typical but variable.

  • Basic Personal Liability: Sometimes referred to as third-party liability insurance, basic personal liability is the one cardinally mandatory insurance in Mexico. It covers damage or bodily injury that you cause to another car, driver or other property in an automobile accident.

However, it does not provide coverage for injury or damage to a rental car. You cannot rent a car in Mexico without purchasing liability insurance. But one thing that most renters do not know is that the rental price already includes the mandatory liability insurance.

  • Supplemental Liability Insurance: Also known as additional liability insurance, SAI is not mandatory Mexico insurance. However, most car rental companies in the country will tell you that it is.

Still, this type of insurance is worth considering when you rent a car in Mexico. In most cases, the basic liability coverage will cost you approximately 50,000 pesos ($3,800), which will not go far in any type of accident beyond a replacing of a fender-bender. The cost of SAI is $13 per day.

Although it is not actually insurance, loss damage waiver, or LDW, is another option you have. It is also known as collision damage waiver.

LDW is an agreement from the car rental company to agree to give you a waiver of some of the cost to repair any minor damage you inflict on the vehicle or the cost of theft. Before buying LDW, however, you should do some thorough research and careful consideration.

Get Mexico Insurance for Rental Cars in Mexico

If you need Mexico insurance for a rental car while you are in the country, you should choose Mexico Insurance Services. Get the coverage and legal protection you need to avoid serious problems in case of an accident. Visit www.mexinsurance.com for more information or to get a quote.

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