What Does Auto Insurance For Mexico Cover?

What Does Auto Insurance For Mexico Cover?

Not many people in the United States know this, but you need separate auto insurance for Mexico. Your American car insurance policy will not cover you when you are there.

This is why it is crucial to purchase Mexican auto insurance before you drive into the country. Although you have the option to buy insurance at the border, it is a wise idea to purchase Mexican car insurance before you actually begin your road trip.

Whether you are driving into Mexico on a fun road trip with friends or for a business meeting, make sure that you have complete coverage from a Mexico auto insurance policy to protect you in case of an accident.

What Does Mexican Car Insurance Cover?

Auto insurance for Mexico covers your liability in case you cause an accident. The law in the country requires you to have “proof of financial responsibility.”

In most cases, the best way to meet the financial responsibility law is to buy liability car insurance. With liability insurance, you get coverage for:

  • Physical Injury. Bodily injuries to others, including legal fees and medical costs if a lawsuit or claim is  against you.
  • Property Damage. Repairs to other cars, fences or any other property you damage as a result of the accident you caused.

Liability auto insurance in Mexico works differently than insurance in the US. Rather than paying per accident and per person, you have to pay a lump sum in Mexican liability limit.

If a driver causes an accident resulting in a death, each state in Mexico can set both a civil liability and criminal amount. Under Mexican law, this amount is allowed to be the minimum wage in the state multiplied by 5,000 plus expenses for a funeral, per person.

Because high levels of compensation are allowed under the law in Mexico, you should consider purchasing a minimum of $500,000 of liability insurance.

Depending on which states you are visiting, you may want to consider buying an even higher amount. Before you purchase auto insurance for Mexico, you can ask the insurance provider you are purchasing from to provide you with a chart that has liability limits in Mexico per state.

Get Auto Insurance for Mexico from MexInsurance

When you want to purchase auto insurance for Mexico, buy one that provides comprehensive coverage from Mexico Insurance Services, Inc.

The company provides car insurance policies online to give you the coverage in Mexico. For more information or to get a quote, visit https://www.mexinsurance.com/ today.

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