Whale Watching in Baja

There are so many fun activities to do in Baja that many tourists overlook whale watching. These people are missing out! Whale watching is one of Baja’s absolute best attractions and the expertise of several of the tour groups practically guarantees that you will see whales during winter excursions.

Whale watching is not as under-the-radar in Baja Mexico as many people make it out to be. In fact, hundreds of people flock to the area every year specifically to see the whales and their young. It’s just that there are so many other things to do that people with only casual interest in whales will often opt out of a whale watching tour. You shouldn’t! Tours are cheap, absolutely amazing, and only take half of a day at most. It’s the chance of a lifetime.

The thing that makes Baja such a great whale watching destination is its warm and calm waters. Because they are so peaceful, many species of whales migrate to them during the winter to rear their young. If you are lucky enough to go on a tour from January to April, you might just see whales actually giving birth! During those months, many types of whales swim into the shallower and gentler lagoons and bays to have their young.

All of the species of whales that frequent the ocean around the Baja Peninsula are amazing, but the most popular – the crowd favorite, if you will – is the gray whale. Reaching lengths of over 50 feet and weighing more than 35 tons, gray whales are truly extraordinary animals. They also are very friendly and will oftentimes come close to ships for visits. Best of all, over 10,000 gray whales migrate to the Baja area each year, so you are pretty much bound to see a pod if you arrive in the winter months.


In addition to gray whales, finback whales, whale sharks, and the occasional blue whale can be spotted both in the Pacific near Baja and in the Sea of Cortez off of its eastern shore. Dolphins, sea lions, manta rays, exotic fish, and a number of other sea creatures also dart happily around. You’re bound to see something on a whale watching trip in Baja Mexico.

Even if you don’t have a passionate interest in whales, a whale watching trip in Baja Mexico is worth it. They’re amazing creatures that are quickly becoming endangered. Who knows when they won’t be around any longer? A whale watching adventure is a great way to see them before they are gone and to learn a thing or two about how to keep them around long into the future.

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