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The goal for developers is to eliminate the need for website help. To make the system so easy that the customer never runs into any errors. Ideally, the customer would never have any frustration, confusion or roadblocks when they bless us with their online presence.

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Password Reset can be more difficult than it should be

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances beyond everyone’s control, its not yet possible. We try! But it’s very hard.

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As we discover new quirks (website help) we will place them in this section of the blog to help. Obviously, we are working to remove all bugs and to come up with the cleanest interface in the world for Mexican Insurance. Keep the feedback coming we will get it done!!!

Over the course of the next several months, and possibly years we will be transitioning off of this old technology and into a new. The new technology will allow anyone from anywhere to securely access their data without manually entering credentials. Yes, we can use sessions with Facebook and Google, as examples. But the true power will be systems where you are already logged in based on which device you hold and how that device recognizes you (eyeball, fingerprint, etc). Stay tuned for some really exciting new features.

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