Visiting Tijuana

Tijuana Skyline
Tijuana Skyline at Night

Plan on visiting Tijuana?  As the state of Baja California’s largest city and metropolitan area, Tijuana is a must-visit. The city has a reputation as a city that likes to have a good time.  Essentially the most famous of all the border towns, Tijuana is only twenty miles from the Californian city of San Diego.  With so many things for visitors to see and do, Tijuana is the threshold of this northern state and one of Mexico’s best-known cities.

Visiting Tijuana – the Landscape

Tijuana is in the northwest corner of the country. It is also only 130 miles from Mexicali, the capital of Baja California.  Tijuana sits in a valley on the Tijuana River that boasts rugged and hilly terrain.  Its large skyline is one of the best known in all of Mexico and is internationally famous.  With its Mediterranean climate and proximity to the Pacific Ocean, Tijuana features an awesome landscape.

Tijuana Avenida Heroes

The History of Tijuana

Historically home to hunting and gathering people like the Cucupa and Pai Pai tribes. This area of northern Mexico has a long indigenous past.  Hostile tribes and the rugged geography kept many from permanently dwelling there.  While the valley was first explored by the Spanish in 1542, it wasn’t settled until 1769.  The city itself did not establish until 1889 when ranchers and farmers began to favor its location.

Even during the city’s earliest days, it drew visitors from California to cross over for a bit of Mexican cultural charm.  Its tourism industry began to boom, however, during the Prohibition years of the U.S. Many tourists cross the border to freely enjoy the drinking and gambling. It continues as a popular tourist destination today.

Tijuana Map
Map of Tijuana

Visiting Tijuana

Tijuana has a population that continues to be on the rise due to a thriving tourism industry.  Known for its nightlife and hospitality, Tijuana’s service industry caters to tourists who come in search of a great time. With its weather, cheap meds, and spicy food, Tijuana is a hot weekend getaway.  It is well known for great restaurants, clubs, festivals, and art scene.  The convenient location and wide array of hotels make booking a vacation easy.  Its entertainment venues are famous throughout the country and provide great variety and appeal for many demographic groups.

Tijuana Border
Tijuana Border

When visiting Tijuana, Be Sure to See and Do…

Avenida Revolucion

This famous street is the hub of a good time in Tijuana.  Its hotels, clubs, cafes, and restaurants brim with tourists from all over the world.  It’s also well known for its shopping venues.

Street Map of Tijuana
Tijuana Street Map

Tijuana Cultural Center

One of Mexico’s most famous cultural centers is in Tijuana. The Tijuana Cultural Center is popular for its exhibits and performances.

Tijuana Cultural Center
Cultural Center Tijuana

Plaza Santa Cecilia

This pleasant square is an old landmark full of art galleries and cafes.  It’s the perfect place to enjoy a Tijuana afternoon and far more quaint than other parts of the city.


Bullfights are important to the culture of northern Mexico.  Tijuana is one of Mexico’s most popular places to witness a traditional bullfight.

Wax Museum

Tijuana’s Wax Museum is an extraordinary tourist-friendly venue where visitors can catch a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe and other famous or historical people preserved by their wax images.

Rosarito Beach

This city is located just south of Tijuana and famous for its beaches.  Many travelers to Tijuana make a point of enjoying the water sport and other activities available in Rosarito.

Paseo de los Heroes

This landmark is off of Avenida Revolucion.  It pays homage to heroes for the cause of freedom such as Miguel Hidalgo and Abraham Lincoln.

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  2. […] Tijuana is a wonderful place to visit, but most often Tourists find themselves looking for a way through the city.  There are several major roads in and out of the city but in the confusion of signs in spanish, and unfamiliar faces, buildings and vehicles it is easy for the tourist to get lost in Tijuana.  This Tijuana Street Map should help you find your way not just back to the U.S., but to anywhere you are looking to go through Tijuana.  On Sundays you might find the off-ramps and on-ramps to the border crossings in Tijuana congested and difficult to navigate.  There may also be time when the Tijuana police re-route traffic to the Otay Crossing if the San Ysidro crossing is too crowded.  When this happens, let your passenger use this map to help you navigate your way through the city.  Perhaps you might even stop for a bathroom break and an ice cream on the way! […]