Visiting Tecate

Tecate Main Street
Tecate Main Street

Sitting in the northwest corner of Baja California, visiting Tecate is just a quick drive south. The city has a population of just 64,764 people. Even without the beaches that so many of the state’s cities are famous for, Tecate manages to draw many tourists with its own extraordinary charms.  From its world-famous brewery that produces Tecate Beer to nearby vineyards—among the most revered of the Western Hemisphere. Visit Tecate for a mild Mexico experience.


Tecate’s mountainous setting adds to its enchantment, but also makes it less accessible from major cities like San Diego. Resting in the Sierra de Juarez, Tecate enjoys temperate weather with its elevation of 1,775 feet.  It boasts a singular maritime desert climate that fosters lots of green growth with its ocean breezes and light rains.  The Tecatito River also flows through the city providing an added layer of charm to this unique locale.  The city’s closest mountain peak, Mount Chuchuma, straddles the border with Mexico and the U.S.  Even though various industrial cities surround the region, Tecate retains its much more pastoral atmosphere and is an oasis for the entire northern corridor of the state.

Aerial View of Tecate
Aerial View of Tecate

The History of Tecate

Like much of the state, the area of Tecate was home to various indigenous tribes who began to hunt and gather there thousands of years ago.  Early tribes led a semi nomadic life largely isolated even after the Spanish first came to the Baja Peninsula in the mid-1500s.  The Spanish were thwarted from settling in the region due to the rugged terrain and hostile tribes who rebelled against Spanish subjugation.  Even for a remote region like this part of Mexico, Tecate became a city in 1892.  At this point, many farmers began to settle in the area and Tecate became an agricultural center.  In 1944, Tecate Beer was first brewed and the brewery began to attract both workers and tourists as it does today.

Visiting Tecate

Travelers in search of a healthy mountain climate filled with extraordinary sites and breathtaking scenery will fall in love with Tecate.  Aside from the city’s beauty and climate, its landscape encourages many eco-activities like hiking, camping, rock climbing, and horseback riding.  In addition to the region’s natural splendor, it also boasts spas that are famous throughout the world.  Its proximity to U.S. makes Tecate a popular tourist destination, but its extraordinary attractions keep visitors coming back.

Tecate Mexico Map
Map of Tecate Mexico

Visit Tecate Attractions and Activities

Mount Chuchuma

This scenic peak provides a dramatic backdrop to Tecate.  Seen as a holy mountain, the peak is a favorite destination for outdoor enthusiasts and eco-tourists.

Rancho La Puerta

This internationally renowned spa boasts healing and therapeutic health programs designed to promote healthy living.  Making the most of the landscape, the spa’s activities like horseback riding invite guests to explore the beauty of the region.

Parque Hidalgo

Situated in the city, this historic square features a monument of Benito Juarez.  The park honors Miguel Hidalgo, a priest who is known as the Father of the War for Mexican Independence.  The beautiful park is also a popular meeting place.

Guadalupe Valley

Compared to Napa Valley in terms of the high quality wines produced here, this valley is home to Mexico’s most renowned vineyards.  Winery tours and wine tastings are common throughout the vineyards of the valley.

Cuauhtemoc Brewery

Although no longer an independent brewery for Tecate Beer, this brewery still brews the celebrated beer along with others.  It is one of the city’s best-tourist attractions providing beer tastings and tours.

Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs

This scenic nook is famous throughout the state for its hot springs, waterfalls, and caves.  Many come to explore or simply to enjoy the scenery.

Rancho Tecate Resort

This popular resort boasts an excellent golf course, outdoor attractions and welcoming atmosphere.

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