Visiting San Felipe

San Felipe Baja
San Felipe Baja

The lovely seaside town of San Felipe is located on the northern Sea of Cortez in Baja, California, Mexico.  Its unique beauty makes it a world-famous vacation destination.  Within a two-hour drive of Mexicali, the state capital, San Felipe beckons many visitors to travel down Mexico Route 5 to its sun-kissed shores.  Famous for its beaches, local food, and a myriad of recreational activities. When you visit San Felipe you will experience captivating scenery, vibrant entertainment, and gorgeous weather!

San Felipe Mexico Map
Map of San Felipe Mexico


As the Gateway to the Sea of Cortez, this popular getaway town is located in a region where the desert meets the sea.  While easily in driving distance from the U.S. border, San Felipe remains wild and rather remote unlike many regions on the Pacific corridor of the state.  Depending on the season, San Felipe’s climate ranges from Floridian summers to pleasantly warm and dry winters.  During the winter season, many northerners find their way to its lovely shores.  The city has clean beaches, a point of pride for locals.  The waters near San Felipe are rich with shrimp as well as various types of sport fish.  Migrating whales are in these northern waters of the Sea of Cortez and attract many tourists.  In the outskirts of San Felipe and into the surrounding desert, giant cactuses can be seen along with other desert flora.

The History of San Felipe

Like elsewhere on the Baja Peninsula, evidence of hunting and gathering peoples can be found around the region of San Felipe.  Although the Conquistador Hernando Cortes discovered the region in 1535, it remained largely unsettled for centuries.  Indigenous tribes were hostile to the Spanish and missionaries who threatened subjugation.  The terrain was also a barrier to settlement and a serious lack of water deterred Europeans from serious colonization of the peninsula.  San Felipe’s bay was listed on a European map in 1536, but it was not officially known as a city until 1916.  Before cityhood, it remained a small fishing village.  However, as other northern cities on the peninsula began to attract tourism, San Felipe’s spell-binding beauty could not be kept secret and today it is a favorite holiday destination.

San Felipe Village baja mexico
San Felipe Village Baja Mexico

Visiting San Felipe

Like Ensenada, Rosarito Beach, and Tijuana, San Felipe is one of the state’s most popular places to vacation.  The beaches, with their high tides, are its most popular attraction, but water sports of all kinds are the most popular activities along with sport fishing.  Eco-travelers may come of the whales or witness the unusual eco-systems of the landscape, but it seems everyone comes for the glorious weather and views of the sea.  Vacationers to San Felipe enjoy fishing, boating, sunbathing, snorkeling, kayaking, off-roading, camping, and much more.  The city boasts many fine accommodations, but many vacationers, especially during spring break, enjoy camping on the beaches.  With its fresh seafood and beachside clubs, San Felipe also has a fun nightlife that always has the sea as its backdrop.

Quads in San Felipe
Quads in San Felipe

Be Sure to See or Do the Following when visiting San Felipe:

San Felipe’s Beaches

Most tourists make the trek to San Felipe for its beautiful beaches and marine activities.  Boat tours are popular as are kayak rentals.  Snorkeling and scuba diving are also great pastimes in San Felipe’s waters.

San Felipe
San Felipe Kayak

The Valley of Giants

San Felipe boasts this scenic reserve that contains species of giant cactus.  The world-famous Cardon Cactus is a major attraction; it’s roughly 1,000 years old!  Hiking the scenic trails is popular among nature lovers and photographers.


Sportfish like grouper, sea bass, and yellowtail are swimming just off San Felipe.  Fishing trips are popular and many visitors simply go out to fish with local fishermen who cater to this pool of tourists for a small fee.

Fishing San Felipe

Off-Roading Adventures

With annual races run near San Felipe like the Baja 500 and Baja 1000, visitors often come to participate or watch the entertaining spectacle of off-roading.  The terrain outside of the city is perfect for enjoying this adventuresome pastime.


The city’s golf course is one of its most popular venues.  When you’ve soaked up enough beach atmosphere, head to the golf course for a sunny game.

San Felipe Cuisine

As the famous home of the delectable fish taco, San Felipe is full of taste sensations.  Fresh food, especially seafood, is a hallmark of the cuisine.  Regional dishes are also popular in many of the traditional restaurants and cafes of the city.

Konsag Island

This captivating island is full of enchantments. You will find sea birds and colonies of sea lions attract many eco-tourists. People trek from all over the world to witness the marine beauty of this unforgettable island.


Just south of San Felipe, this little port is home to thermal waters that heal and soothe your body. In spite of its remoteness, the port is a popular trip from San Felipe.


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