Visiting Rocky Point

Are you visiting Rocky Point, on the Sea of Cortez in Sonora, Mexico? Well, it’s an extraordinary city officially “Puerto Peñasco” but translated for the gringos to Rocky Point. To many Americans as the perfect place to soak up the Mexican sun and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.  From world-class golf to scuba, there are activities for all.  Rocky Point is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Mexico and it is brimming with fine weather and Mexican hospitality.

Puerto Penasco Hotel Zone
Puerto Penasco Hotel Zone

Land and Sea

Slightly more than sixty miles from Arizona, Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) is in the Altar Desert. Its position on the sea provides its oasis-like atmosphere.  The nearby volcanic fields and the sun-drenched sand dunes of the Pinacate Volcanic area attest to the region’s ancient past. Yet, the rugged and largely isolated terrain led to few settlements until the 1920s. This is when Rocky Point was first established.  Conditions are too dry for agricultural industries, so Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) has thrived essentially as a tourist town. It’s a perfect destination for Spring Break and a year-round getaway for holiday seekers. Here, it is an excellent place to lounge on the beach and celebrate Mexico’s many cultural charms.

A beachfront view of the Sea of Cortez in Rocky Point


Like much of northern Mexico, this region of the country saw little settlement until the twentieth century.  Though hunting and gathering peoples had traveled through the landscape for thousands of years, it was not conducive to large-scale settlement until recent times.  The Spanish avoided much of this part of Sonora due to its remote nature, hostile desert climate, and fierce indigenous peoples who thwarted the Spaniards’ attempts to colonize.  Rocky Point, much like Tijuana, began to grow during the Prohibition years of the U.S.  Many tourists enjoyed crossing the border for drinks, gaming, and beachside fun.

Visiting Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco)

Today, the city is no more an outcrop of campsites and scattered hotels.  It is an international hub for Mexico’s tourism industry.  Luxurious hotels and resorts are also complemented by more budget-friendly accommodations. But there is also plenty of camping and RV activity in and around Rocky Point.  The city also has a lot of things to see and do like snorkeling, swimming, whale watching, off-roading, kayaking, jet-skiing, and so much more!  Golf is popular in Rocky Point as is enjoying the city’s vibrant brand of nightlife.  Delectable fresh seafood and memorable shopping venues all combine to provide a vacation for young and old alike.

Exciting Things to See and Do

Sandy Beach

The beautiful white sands and gentle sea of this beach beckon beachcombers from near and far.  It remains one of the city’s most popular spots.  Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) boasts various acclaimed beaches, however, like Playa Hermosa, Las Conchas Beach, and Playa Mirador.

Sandy Beach – Puerto Peñasco

Old Port Fish Market

This popular seafood market is a popular venue for fresh seafood.  If you are in the mood to cook supper—either in your RV or seaside villa, stop at this traditional market for the catch of the day.

The Seawalk

Enjoy a seaside walk filled with enchanting views of the sunset and the Sea of Cortez.  It’s also lined with shops and restaurants so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a Rocky Point day.

El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

When you can tear yourself away from the beach and want to enjoy an unforgettable eco-experience, head to El Pinacate for a look at its ancient craters and volcanic fields.  An excursion to its sand dunes provides an other-worldly sight.

Pinacate Reserve
Pinacate Reserve

San Jorge Island

This nature reserve teems with sea lions and marine birds.  It’s also home to the rare and endangered Vaquita porpoise.  Many eco-tourists enjoy exploring the sea while diving or snorkeling around the island.

Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is one of Rocky Point’s most popular pastimes.  The sea boasts a rich array of sport fish like sea bass and dorado.  Charter a boat and enjoy the sun, the sky, and the pristine sea.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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