Visiting Baja California’s Estero Beach

Visiting Estero Beach, or Playa Estero as it is known in Mexico, is a serene coastal area in the city of Ensenada.  Though the state of Baja is famous for many of its beautiful beaches, Estero Beach has a reputation for its calm and stunning atmosphere.  Nearby, the popular resort of the same name draws many travelers from all over the globe while the outstanding beach is naturally the main attraction.  Other beaches may command the surfing crowds, but “Estero” is the choice of the sunbathers, beachcombers, swimmers, kayakers, and even horseback riders.  Anyone with a taste for enchanting Pacific beaches will want to sample its relaxing locale.

Estero Beach Ensenada Baja
Estero Beach Ensenada Baja


Estero Beach is on the Pacific Ocean in northwestern Mexico in the city of Ensenada. As one of the Baja Peninsula’s major vacation destinations, it is popular for many of its beaches and all-around extraordinary scenery.  With its world-class resorts and hotels, Ensenada does a fabulous job of protecting and maintaining its beach fronts for all to enjoy.  With beaches that boast fewer coastal developments than many other regions in Mexico, it’s easy to understand how the city can boast such pristine and naturally enticing settings.  When nature is as beautiful as Estero Beach, there isn’t much a high-rise or row of condominiums that can add.  In addition to the city’s fame as a cruise ship port, it is also famous for its waters that teem with sport fish and support a wide range of activities.

Estero Beach Resort
Estero Beach Resort

The Beach

With its captivating natural beauty, Estero Beach attracts many visitors in need of a beach holiday.  Swimming, snorkeling, and scuba are popular water-activities as is fishing, sea kayaking, and wildlife-watching.  Located nearby are populations of sea lions, seals, and dolphins that provide lots of viewing entertainment for eco-tourists.  While large surfing crowds are lining up at other Ensenada beaches, some surfers head to Estero Beach to tame its waves.  Strolling the beach or lounging in the sand to enjoy the Mexican sunshine are other ways to enjoy the beach’s simple pleasures.

More Attractions near Estero Beach

Estero Beach Hotel

Along with its famous spa, the Estero Beach Hotel is one of the city’s most popular places to hang your hat.  It is famous for its super comfortable rooms, swim-up bar, and the stunning ballroom.  With its two swimming pools and high-end service, this hotel is ideal to host big events. Weddings, celebrations, meetings and weekend getwaways to name a few.

Regional History Museum

Once an Ensenada military garrison, this building also housed an old jail.  Today, this museum features must-see regional artifacts of local indigenous tribes like the Kumiai, Kiliwa, and Cucapa.

La Bufadora Mexico Baja
La Bufadora Mexico Baja

La Bufafora

Many people trek to this majestic marine geyser to enjoy its memorable display.  As one of the largest blowholes in North America, this geyser sends a spray that rises more than a hundred feet!  This natural phenomenon is only comparable for natural enchantment by the unforgettable vistas and cliffs

Whale Watching

Area hotels help guests locate tours to watch the world-famous whales that migrate along the peninsula’s coast.  In fact, many tourists come precisely to catch a glimpse of these unrivaled marine creatures.

Estero Sports

From beach volleyball to nearby golf courses, Estero Beach knows how to play! Enjoy a game of sunny golf or take golf lessons in the area.  Some hotels boast tennis courts and off-roading vehicles can also be rented.

In and Around Ensenada

Sport Fishing

Sport fishermen converge on Ensenada for its world class sport fishing experience.  Hook a yellowtail to top off your Mexican vacation in Ensenada.


Since fresh seafood is a way of life in Ensenada, it’s easy to find everything from lobster to fish tacos.  The city is has many cuisines from around the world. But sampling the traditional Baja dishes and authentic Mexican food is a must!

Off-Roading Adventure

Ensenada’s major off-roading events like the Baja 500 or Baja 1000 draw international crowds. If you happen to time it right – you’re in for a show!

Ensenada Nightlife

After relaxing on the beach, the vibrant nightlife of Ensenada is the perfect way to top of a day.  Music and cocktails and many other entertainments can be found throughout the city.

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