Mexico Vehicle Theft Report (2015)

The Mexico Vehicle Theft Report 2015 is in. Have you ever wondered what is the most stolen vehicle in Mexico? How about the most stolen vehicle type in Mexico?  Where are you most likely to get carjacked in Mexico?  These questions, along with many others related to vehicle theft in Mexico have all been answered.  Check out the post here:  2015 Mexico Vehicle Theft Report.

Vehicle Theft Report 2015: Target Vehicle Brand

The 15 Most Stolen Vehicles in Mexico
The 15 Most Stolen Vehicles in Mexico

The mexico vehicle theft report 2015 also reveals that 3 of the top 4 vehicles stolen in 2015 was Nissan (Tsuru, Pickup, and Estacas – stake bed).

Where are you most likely to be Carjacked in Mexico?  

Mexico State has the highest violent car thefts – meaning “car-jackings”. The interesting thing about the statistics show that car theft in 2014-2015 is down across the board throughout the country. However, there still exists an awareness that those states listed below have more theft issues than those not listed. Key states to be careful include: Mexico State, Sinaloa, Jalisco

carjacking in Mexico
Top towns in Mexico for Carjackings

The also shows that Nissan is the most stolen vehicle in Mexico for the year. It also reveals that the standard auto is the most likely vehicle for theft in 2015. The State of Mexico has the highest rate of vehicle theft but they also have the highest population. And they made a significant decline from 2014. Guadalajara had the largest drop in thefts year-over-year down 23% from 2014.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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