Towing in Mexico

Towing in Mexico – What You Need to Know

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Here are some important things to note when you pull your boat, trailer, another car, utility trailer, or ATV down to Mexico:

1. You MUST identify the towed unit when trailering in Mexico.

When you add weight to the rear of your automobile, it changes the operating dynamic and risk. Failure to tow behind an insured vehicle without listing the towed unit on the policy puts you at risk of claim denial.

2.  Towed Unit

Whatever it is you are pulling is referred to as a “towed unit” and that “towed unit” can be a combination of trailer and ATV, and camping trailer, watercraft on the trailer, etc. So, even though you are towing a trailer with an automobile on top of it, the “Towed Auto” itself is considered the “towed unit.” On the application for mexinsurance, you have the option of identifying multiple items. Click here to see how.

3. Towed Unit Value and Rating (Premium)

The risk here is rarely worth the premium increase. Total theft of a towed unit while the unit is attached to the towing vehicle is rare. You have the option to enter “$0” for towed unit coverage value. Please keep in mind that the amount you list here on your mexinsurance application will add to the overall cost of your risks 1 and risk two limits (total theft and collision).

towing in mexico

4. Coverage and Exclusions

Once you remove the towed unit from the towing vehicle, it will need its insurance policy. You can add Mexican insurance here if the towed unit is street legal, i.e., golf cart, automobile (Jeep, etc.) motorcycle or a Razor. To add one of these to your mexinsurance account select Vehicles then Add Vehicle in your account. For Razor, Golf Court and Enduro Motorcycles choose “Motorcycle” type of vehicle. Once the car is in your online account, click Policies, then Add policy and your vehicle will be available in the drop-down. Click here for detailed instruction on adding vehicle to your mexinsurance account

5.  Don’t forget

Towing anything changes the dynamic of your car. PLEASE remember at any time if you are pulling anything on your®-covered vehicle to list it before towing.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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