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Driving a Foreign Vehicle

Driving a Foreign Vehicle

For the most part, driving is as much part of any culture as anything else. One of our first big milestones toward adulthood is getting the driver’s license. Our first bills are insurance and registration. So, it’s no wonder we don’t think twice about driving our car, let alone the regulation underneath it.

But what if you want to drive a Mexican-registered car in the United States? Or, what if you are in Mexico and you want to drive a U.S. car? The answer depends on where you are LICENSED.

*For purposes below, “U.S.” can also represent “Canadian” or any other country foreign to Mexico.

U.S. Drivers License | U.S. Car | Mexico Driving

Can I drive a US/Canada (any non-Mexican) vehicle with a US/Canada Drivers License (non-Mexican license) in Mexico?

Yes. But you will need to purchase the Mex-Insurance to cover the legal liability requirement. You may also need to procure the following depending on your situation:

US Drivers License | U.S. Car | United States Driving

Can I drive my U.S. car in the United States with my U.S. driver’s license?

Yes. But the more common question is:

Can we buy short-term insurance for the U.S.?

Not many companies in the U.S. sell daily-term policies like they do in Mexico. But, if you choose an online broker like or, they will pro-rate your refund if you are in the United States for a short time. *Pro-rate does not exist in Mexico.

US Drivers License | Mexico Car | Mexico Driving

Can I drive a Mexican Car with a U.S. Drivers License in Mexico?

No. This is not legal so you may have a hard time insuring it. If you are driving a Mexico-registered car you should have a Mexican Drivers License.

U.S. Drivers License | Mexico Car | U.S. Driving

Can I drive a Mexican-registered car in the United States with my U.S. Driver‘s License?

No. It’s not legal, the car could be impounded and you might be fined. If you are driving a Mexican vehicle, you should have a Mexican license.

Mexico Drivers License | Mexico Car | U.S. Driving

Can I drive my Mexico-Registered vehicle in the United States with my Mexican Drivers License?

Yes! The northbound insurance program offered through Chubb automatically increases the liability limit of the policy to match state requirements. The standard coverage is $300,000 and it includes legal assistance and roadside assistance.

Mexico Drivers License | U.S. Car | U.S. Driving

Can I drive my U.S. car into the United States with a Mexico driver’s license?

No. In order to operate a vehicle in the United States you must have a valid driver’s license from your residence state.

Mexico Drivers License | U.S. Car | Mexico Driving

Can I drive a U.S Car with a Mexico Drivers License in Mexico?

No. This is not legal, and therefore you won’t be able to buy insurance for this. You might also have the car impounded.

Mexico Drivers License | Mexico Car | Mexico Driving

Can I drive a Mexico-registered vehicle in Mexico with a Mexico driver’s license?

Yes of course. You will need to purchase domestic insurance as a Mexican resident from someone licensed in Mexico.

FMM Tourist Card

FMM Tourist Card

What is the FMM – Tourist Card? The FMM Tourist Card is required of tourists visiting Mexico for vacation.  Form FMM from the Mexican Immigration Office that documents all visitors to Mexico.   Note:  Baja California is a permit-free zone, meaning tourists can come and go with their vehicles without the documents.  However, the FMM… Continue Reading

Mexican Driving Permit

Mexican Driving Permit

Most travelers to Mexico know that they must have Mexican driving insurance to drive in Mexico; however, driving in certain areas of the country requires drivers to have a Mexican driving permit. Driving within twenty-five miles of the border as well as throughout the Baja Peninsula and permit-free locales like Rocky Point does not necessitate a permit. For those drivers planning longer excursions into the interior of the country to visit some of Mexico’s most extraordinary natural features, a permit must be procured from the Banco Nacional del Ejército Fuerza Aérea y Armada, or Banjercito as it is known. Continue Reading

Export Vehicle to Mexico

Export Vehicle to Mexico

A person attempting to export a used self-propelled vehicle shall present to Customs, at the port of exportation, both the vehicle and the required documentation describing the vehicle to include the VIN or, if the vehicle does not have a VIN, the product identification number (PIN). Exportation of a vehicle will be permitted only upon compliance with these requirements, unless the vehicle was entered into the United States under an in-bond procedure, a carnet, a Temporary Importation Bond, or under a personal exemption for non-residents who entered the vehicle for a 1-year period. Continue Reading

Can I Bring My Dog to Mexico?

Many visitors wonder, “Can I bring my Dog to Mexico?” Pets are better traveling companions than children, cats, lizards, and chicken so why not? When it comes to the Baja Peninsula, this is especially true. Because it is so close in proximity to the United States and because so many people drive into the country,… Continue Reading

Mexico Customs Rules

Mexico Customs Rules

Are you following Mexico customs rules? When entering Mexico, travelers can expect to fill out a Customs Declaration Form. It is essential to fill this form out honestly as travelers are subject to random inspections. If you are chosen for inspection, your baggage may be inspected to ascertain that your form has been filled out correctly… Continue Reading

Vehicle Import Permit for Mexico

Vehicle Import Permit for Mexico

Vehicle import permits: temporary (and permanent, for that matter) Import Permits for Mexico can be a confusing business. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to consult Mexico’s Banjercito website for updated information about legislation or even your Mexican insurance provider who may also be able to provide details about Temporary Import Permits for vehicles. Continue Reading

Fast Border Crossing with Sentri

Border Crossing with Sentri – several crossings along the U.S. and Mexican border now allow pre-approved travelers a fast track back to the U.S.  By registering for Sentri cards or other quick-pass identification cards, travelers can use the Ready Lanes to speed up the customs and crossing process.  For frequent travelers to Mexico, this is… Continue Reading

Obtaining a Passport

Obtaining a Passport

It used to be that travelers to Mexico could cross and recross the border with little more than a driver’s license.  Today, of course, passports are a must for getting back into the U.S.  When crossing the border, customs officials must be presented with a passport or passport card or the traveler will not be… Continue Reading