Top 20 Things to See and Do in Rosarito

Rosarito Beach is known for its outstanding attractions and breathtaking Pacific scenery.  Its proximity to the U.S. border makes it a popular Mexican getaway destination yet it has plenty of exciting things to see and do that also make it the perfect place to enjoy a full-blown vacation!  The next time you plan to visit this enchanting Baja California coastal city, be sure to check out the following must-see sites.


Rosarito Beach Hotel

This Art Deco-era hotel was built in 1925.  It is one of the most iconic hotels on the Baha Peninsula and hosts a wide array of events throughout the year.

The Boardwalk

Leading from the Rosarito Beach Hotel toward the sea, this boardwalk is the perfect place to enjoy an ocean view.  Come at sunset and take some postcard-worthy photos.

Rosarito Bike

Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride

This ride, scheduled in May of this year, will be as exciting to ride as previous trips; in fact, it may be more exciting than usual since part of the road connecting Rosarito and Ensenada collapsed.  Bikers will simply have to take the detour which still promises plenty of fun.

Christ of the Sacred Heart

This recognizable landmark is a major draw for travelers and locals alike.  Spend a morning or afternoon visiting and enjoy views of the surrounding scenery.

Puerto Nuevo

Puerto Nuevo

This coastal village is ten minutes from Rosarito and is world-famous for its specially prepared lobster.

Benito Juárez Boulevard

This two-mile stretch is the main boulevard of the city. Visitors should check out the tequila shops as well as the great souvenirs that can be found at bargain prices.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy the beaches of Rosarito on horseback.  You’ll love the freedom you feel as the sea breeze spurs on you and your horse from one coastal stretch to the next.



Surfing is popular on the beaches in and around Rosarito.  If you don’t surf, it’s enjoyable to kick back on the beach and watch the surfers in action.

Beach Volleyball

The beaches are truly the hot spot of the city and the beach volleyball action gets even hotter when crowds come to cheer on the players.

Spa Treatment

Rosarito has a plethora of spas that attract vacationers who come to town for some rest and rejuvenation.  Book a treatment at a world-class spa the next time you’re in town.


Rosarito has a myriad of delicious eateries, but fresh fish tacos are always in season!  Enjoy some regional specialties while vacationing in Rosarito.

Watch the Whales

Many whale-watching excursions are launched out of Rosarito.  Witness the enchanting whale migration is an eco-activity you’ll likely never forget.


The Real del Mar attracts sun-loving golfers to Rosarito Beach.  Enjoy the weather as you golf during your Rosarito holiday.



The club scene in Rosarito is particularly hopping.  Check out the clubs near the beach for a fun-filled evening of dancing and live music.


For some of the best views of the sea, head skyward!  Para-sailing has become a popular activity among visitors to Rosarito.


Like many of the Baja Peninsula’s beaches, snorkeling is a popular pastime.  Explore the shallows as you soak up the Mexican sun.

Off-Roading In Mexico

Take an Off-Roading Adventure

Rosarito Beach attracts many off-roading enthusiasts.  You’ll love blasting in and around sand dunes on rented vehicles or your own.

Go Fish

Sport fishing is popular all along the coastal areas of the Baja Peninsula.  Charter a boat and catch a marlin or a sailfish!

Soak Up the Culture

Visit the town’s historical museum or experience the life of the cafes to appreciate some of the city’s local culture and customs.  The region has a long history and many visitors enjoy learning about the Baja Peninsula of the past.


Formerly owned by Fox Studios, this venue was the scene of movies like Titanic and Master and Commander.  Explore the studio and learn how these sea-going films were made.

Fish At A Coastal Market Rosarito


Every beach has its own character and its own particular charms.  The best way to get to know Rosarito’s beaches is to explore each one.

Once you experience Rosarito’s many charms, chances are you’ll want to visit again and again.  Its convenient proximity to the U.S. and many attractions make it one of Baja California’s most popular resort towns.

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