Tips to Driving In Mexico

We might take driving for granted in our home country, so here are some tips to driving in Mexico. The tips below might save your life.

Tips to Driving in Mexico: Don’t Drive at Night

By a large margin, many more people die while driving in Mexico at night than during the day, which is why you should be extra careful to follow this rule. Mexico is a lot different from the US in that many streets do not have lights, in addition to the reality of abundant animals and pedestrians – you can imagine why this is a dangerous combination. There can also be a lot of cars with non-working taillights, making it very hard to see them in the dark.

This is not to mention the current gas crisis in Mexico. If you run out of gas somewhere at night time…well that could be a very bad situation, to say the least. If you do break down, it’s good to know about a government funded group called the Green Angels. The Green Angels have English/Spanish speaking crews that ride around with tools looking for broken down automobiles. To reach the Green Angels, call 060 on your phone (Mexico’s 911 equivalent). If your phone isn’t working, simply pull as far on the side of the road. Then prop up your hood to indicate that you’re in need of assistance.

Tips to Driving in Mexico: Stick to the Main Roads

When you take side roads or dirt roads, they tend to be poorly maintained and can be risky to drive on. If you’ve got a jeep or something similar, and are with a group of people, it might be ok to do some off-roading (although Mexican auto insurance won’t usually cover this), as you can have some neat experiences – such as visiting rural, local restaurants, seeing the gorgeous countryside, and meeting interesting people  Otherwise, try and avoid doing this.

Mexican toll roads are usually kept in fantastic condition. They also offer fast transport between your destinations, but they can be pricey. If you are driving in Mexico, try to stay on the toll roads.

Know How People Use Turn Signals

Unlike in the USA, people in Mexico use turn signals to indicate that you may pass them. Not necessarily that they’re going to turn or change lanes. Small things are part of what makes taking trips to Mexico so magical.

Driving in Mexico While Under the Influence

It can be especially tempting to drink and drive while you’re in vacation mode in a foreign country. Not only is there the risk of a car accident, but you could end up in a Mexican jail cell. Most people know is something you seriously want to avoid.

As a Mexican auto insurance agency, we should also mention that driving in Mexico under influence is a specified exclusion to insurance coverage, which means that any claim filed with damages caused as a result of operating under influence can be denied under the contract.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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