Time Zones for Daily Coverage

Daily Insurance Time Zone Support

When you purchase daily Mexican Insurance, “mexinsurance,” you are buying 24-hour blocks, and you have the option to purchase as many days as you want.  You choose when to start, and it will end 24 hours (or however many days you select) later at the same time.

As a California brokerage, our time zone ALWAYS has (since 2003) been in Pacific Time (PST/PDT).  But as our website becomes more popular across the country and even throughout the world, new clients helped us identify the need to make this change.

mexinsurance time zone for daily policy

With you get 24-hour Daily policy.

This change only applies to Daily Insurance.  Semi-annual and Annual Policies are automatically assigned your local time zone when you purchase new or renew.

Then, your Policy Declarations Page will reflect the time zone for a start/end.

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