Tijuana – More Than Striped Donkeys and Tacos!

Tijuana Striped Donkey
Tijuana Striped Donkey


So, recently I saw a show on PBS about Tijuana. The first thing he said was something about ‘if all you know about Tijuana is about the striped donkeys and tacos, well, you have a lot to learn’ … whuh? Who would ever think of striped donkeys when they think of TJ? Oh. I guess I would.

Not too long ago I made a post about that very subject. I had come across a picture of me with my family in the 60’s wearing goofy sombreros and posing with the zonkey (Tijuana Striped Donkey). Then I posted a picture of my mom and her family in the 40’s wearing goofy sombreros and posing with the zonkey.

Tijuana Donkeys in the 60’s

For <older> San Diegans, this is what we know of Tijuana. It’s like knowing about Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse when you think of Disneyland, rather than understanding the mechanics of the Abe Lincoln display or how the employees are compensated. Who cares! We go there to have fun, let loose, and do the “silly touristy” things.

BUT, I’ll give it to the host of the show … it’s a noble effort to bring forth even more reason to visit Tijuana. He mentions the shrimp tacos. Well, that’s true… the tacos are delish!

We also have done a bit or two on the food there, including the ceviche tacos. Good stuff!

He also mentions the ‘show horses’ … and soccer! The horses were beautiful, but not necessarily something a tourist would travel to see. Perhaps.

Soccer, on the other hand, IS huge there! One guy compared it to the events in Europe; he said he comes from San Diego for the games and was completely FANatical about the futbol game and was rooting for Mexico!

I have been waxing nostalgic as of late, remember the “good ole days” when families routinely traveled to the entertainment and amusement city south of the border similar to traveling north to Disneyland. It was what we did when company came to town: Sea World, Disneyland, The San Diego Zoo, and Tijuana.

What do you think? Do you still take your out-of-town guests to Tijuana. Why? Why not?

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