Tijuana Ensenada Toll Road collapse

Tijuana Ensenada Toll Road Collapse
North of Ensenada the Scenic Toll Road collapsed 12/28/13

Just days after the 4.6 magnitude earthquake hit the southern part of Ensenada, the scenic toll road suffered a collapse to a section just north of ensenada in an area known as Salsipuedes.  The official cause is still under investigation but it appears related to the timing of the earthquake just days prior.

The Tijuana Ensenada Toll Road is a favorite road of many travelers to Ensenada and beyond.  The coastal drive can melt stress as easy and as fast as anything else prescribed by a doctor.  

No injuries as a result of the collapse, thank God.  As of January 2020, the road is better and stronger than ever before. Some say within the next month, others say it will take at least a year.  Obviously, Ensenada is concerned.  Visitors can still get to Ensenada using the old non-toll road that goes through the country-side.  The distance is about the same…and right now the road is solid.  Most experts agree that it is much more enjoyable a drive to Ensenada on a road that is flat and smooth. 🙂

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