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Bariatric surgery is an expensive procedure in the United States, and yet, it can profoundly enhance someone’s quality of life and overall health. Many Americans who suffer from obesity are crossing the border to cities like Tijuana where they can obtain high-quality medical care and procedures like bariatric surgery at affordable prices that are sometimes a third of the cost of what they would have to pay in the U.S. If you are interested in having bariatric surgery, you should consider having it performed in Mexico.

The Benefits of Crossing the Border for Healthcare

If you have never thought about visiting a foreign country for healthcare, you might want to consider it. Many Americans are choosing to visit Mexico to obtain a wide array of healthcare treatments, to purchase pharmaceuticals, and to obtain dental care. According to medical experts, the quality of medical care in Mexico is on par with what is offered in the United States. However, costs for healthcare treatments and medications are substantially lower across the border. If your insurance provider will not cover recommended treatments like bariatric surgery or the costs of medical care in the U.S. are prohibitive to your pocketbook, you do have affordable options if you are willing to travel to Mexico.

Weight Loss Treatments

Major Mexican cities like Tijuana offer a wide range of weight loss treatments for people who are seriously overweight or obese. Tijuana is home to many bariatric surgery centers that offer weight loss solutions like Lap-Band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, gastric sleeve surgery, and duodenal switch surgery. Tijuana is home to world-class surgeons who have performed thousands of these important operations. Most doctors and surgeons in Mexico speak excellent English so you should have little trouble communicating. Many of the city’s doctors and surgeons have trained in the U.S. or at Mexico’s leading medical research hospitals and medical schools. If you are severely overweight, you should find out how bariatric surgery can enhance your health and lifestyle.

Choose a Bariatric Surgeon in Mexico

Because bariatric surgery is common in Mexico as it is in the U.S., you’ll easily be able to find out about renowned surgeons and experienced healthcare centers that specialize in these procedures. Just like in the U.S., you should start investigating potential bariatric surgeons online. You’ll want to select a surgeon who is fully credentialed, experienced in bariatric surgery, and who has an excellent reputation. Once you narrow your search, you can call their healthcare centers to find out about details like cost, required visits, recovery time, etc…in order to make a decision.

How Much Can I Save by Having Bariatric Surgery in Mexico?

On average, gastric bypass surgery in the United States will cost you about $24,500. For the same surgery in Mexican cities like Tijuana, you can expect to pay $7,400. Because operating costs are substantially less in Mexico, patients pay far less than they do in the north. The best part is that the level of care is unchanged. That means you can obtain affordable bariatric surgery in Mexico with no increased health risks associated with a location. To find out more, contact bariatric surgeons in cities like Tijuana to find out how they can help you.

If you drive to Mexico for surgery, make sure you plan for recovery time. Most people will find a nice hotel in Tijuana or the city where the procedure is being performed so that you can discharge from the hospital and go straight to a luxury hotel to recuperate. Don’t forget when you cross into Mexico to stop for your temporary visa (FMM) and also make sure to get Mexico Car Insurance on the internet before you leave your home.

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