Tierra del Vino Ensenada

Ensenada is located next to some of the best wine country in North America, so it’s not surprising that it is the seat of wine tastings and wine competitions for Baja California.  Nearby Valle de la Guadalupe is home to some of Mexico’s most renowned vineyards and wineries.  This year Ensenada will host the Annual Tierra del Vino Ensenada.  This annual competition is highly revered among wine enthusiasts and this year’s contest will see an international panel of judges hailing from countries like Spain, Italy, and South Africa.

Map of Guadalupe Valle
Guadalupe Valle Map

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Tierra del Vino

This international competition brings wineries from around the globe to participate.  The competition and associated conferences and events will be held at Ensenada’s Hotel Coral and Marina.  The conferences are open to the public at no charge.  The event involves many wineries and upwards of 250 wine labels.  The competition includes a panel of eighteen judges that hail from nations like those listed above as well as the U.S., Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, France, Uruguay, Chile, and others.  Judges will sample wines of red, white, rose, and even sparkling.  Winning in various categories is a prestigious accomplishment and the competition has been intense.

guadalupe valley wine

Bringing Wine Lovers Together

The wonderful thing about this wine contest is that it poses a great meeting place for wine enthusiasts from around the world as well as those who reside in Baja California.  Hosting a prestigious event adds to the region’s reputation as a world-class wine center.  Though various wine houses will sent their representatives to participate, members of the public also thrill at the chance to learn a great deal about viticulture and other wine-related topics at the various conferences offered.

The Coral Hotel and Marina

This five-star hotel is regarded as an attraction all its own.  Both the hotel and marina are known for their luxury and the beauty of their setting.  The breathtaking Pacific and stellar accommodations make this the perfect place to host an international wine competition.  Even if you reside elsewhere during your stay in lovely Ensenada—which boasts many fine hotels and resorts—this is certainly a venue to see.  Dine at the hotel’s BC Bistro & Cava Restaurant which is noted for its hospitality and renowned regional cuisine.  Naturally, they boast an excellent wine list!  The marina is equally enchanting and has well over 300 secure docking areas for vessels between 30 and 65 feet.

Baja Wine Tasting
Baja Wine Tasting

Ensenada for Wine Lovers

August, of course, is typically associated with Ensenada’s grape festival, “Vendemia”.  This competition in July, therefore, is a bit of an appetizer for the main event itself.  Certainly, many Ensenada wine lovers will be rooting for local labels at the competition. But the entire event simply reminds the city of how good it is to be a part of such a world-class competition.  During the various days of the competition, be sure to visit some of Ensenada’s restaurants known for their international wine lists.  Judge for yourself which labels are best and see if your results echo the judges’ decisions!

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