Things to Do in Ensenada

Breathtaking Ensenada is visually charged with its picturesque beaches and stunning sunsets.  While so many sites of this coastal Baja California city are postcard-worthy, there is plenty to more Ensenada than its great looks!  To really appreciate Ensenada, spend time there getting to know all her attractions.  The following are among the most popular things to see and do in this city in the Pacific.


Soak up the Sun in Ensenada

Sunbathing on the beach is probably the single most popular thing to do in Ensenada.  Enjoy a captivating sunset and mingle with other vacationers beside the majestic Pacific Ocean.

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Estero Beach Ensenada Baja

Go Fishing

The waters off Ensenada are rich with sport fish. Fishing enthusiasts come to enjoy the weather and the great catches that await them.

Fishing Boat Pacific Ocean Out of Ensenada
Fishing Boat Pacific Ocean Out of Ensenada


Ensenada-San Felipe 250

This major off-road race is a highlight of the year.  Participants start off the race on the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Ensenada and traverse the Baja terrain to finish at the Sea of Cortez in San Felipe.  This event is usually held in late spring to early summer.


Off-Roading Adventures

While it’s always thrilling to watch one of the peninsular races, there’s nothing more exhilarating that going off-roading yourself!  Hit the dunes or head into the surrounding city terrain for some off-roading adventure.

Chapultepec Hill

With its incredible views, this is where to come to take your own postcard photographs of the city to show family and friends where you visited.

Avenida López Mateos

While the beaches of Ensenada usually get top billing among tourist, this major thoroughfare is filled with shops, hotels, restaurants and cafes.  It’s the perfect place to spend a morning strolling through the city.

La Bufadora Mexico Baja
La Bufadora

La Bufadora

This marine geyser is famous throughout the western hemisphere.  Its proximity to Ensenada makes it a celebrated tourist attraction for vacationers of any age.

Centro Cívico, Social Culture

Located right off the beach, this event center always has something going on.  Be sure to see if there is an outdoor concert or event to attend here during your visit.

Water Sports

Like other coastal towns on the Baja Peninsula, the beaches afford lots of enticing activities.  Go for a swim or enjoy some great surfing.  Getting into the water is one of the most popular things to do!

Surfing Baja
Surfing Baja

Spa Treatments

Ensenada is home to some truly elegant spas like the Casa Natalie Hotel Spa and the spa at the Las Rosas Hotel.

Baja Spa for your Ma
Spa at Baja

Horseback Riding

Riding horses is popular throughout the Baja Peninsula. There’s nothing like riding along the Pacific on a beautiful horse with the sea breezes spurring you on from one beach to the next.

Luxury Villa

If you are vacationing or even honeymooning in Ensenada, consider renting a beachside villa.  These luxury rentals offer resort-style features but with the privacy one expects to have in a home away from home.

Exciting Nightlife

While Papas & Beer is one of the most popular clubs in the city, there are many other clubs where dancing and cocktails are accompanied by live music and a party atmosphere.

Mexican Food
Mexican Food

Delicious Cuisine

Vacationers have a myriad of cuisine options in this city.  Fresh seafood is a staple as well as many regional favorites like fish tacos.  Check out some of the city’s best restaurants like Resturante Embarcadero or Cinco Sabores.

LA CETTO Vineyard


Visiting the regional vineyards (Valle de Guadalupe) around Ensenada like Valle de Guadalupe is a world-class wine experience.  The region is renowned throughout the world for its excellent wines and exquisite sun-drenched scenery.

Baja Winery Map
Baja Winery Map

Watch the Whales

Many vacationers come to Ensenada in winter specifically to catch a glimpse of the migrating whales.


Kayaking is a great way to explore the coastal area of Ensenada as well as to get out on the glittering water!


After you’ve spent time on the beaches, give hiking a try.  The Canon de Dona Petra is a celebrated place for hiking and filled with flora and fauna of the region.

Visit El Salto

This beautiful canyon features a 100-ft waterfall!  Take plenty of pictures and enjoy hiking around this area.

Enjoy Sports

From golf to beach volleyball, the warm Ensenada climate beckons outdoor enthusiasts to participate in friendly games.  It’s a great way to enjoy life in this city!

These are just a few things to see and do in Ensenada.  Add them to your vacation plans and discover why everyone falls in love with this friendly city!® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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