Things to do in Coahuila

If you are looking for things to do in Coahuila, Mexico let us help. Perhaps you want to enjoy an adventurous getaway and a relaxing vacation at the same time, there are many reasons to make Coahuila your final destination. The country of Mexico features everything from white sand beaches to snow-capped mountains, from bustling cities to sleepy inland towns. And best of all, a Mexican getaway gives you a chance to meet the Mexican people and enjoy their welcoming nature and old-world charm.

Coahuila - Parrass de la Fuente

While there are many wonderful parts of Mexico to enjoy, for many seasoned travelers.  Nothing can compare to the beauty, warmth and wonder of Coahuila. The Coahuila region is the perfect choice for your Mexican getaway, and no matter what time of year you visit, you will find plenty of great things to see and do – and lots of annual celebrations to join in on. Here are some of the best upcoming events in the Coahuila region.

Coahuila: In Torreón, Maratón Lala

Taking place in the town of Torreón during the second week of March, this annual sporting event is more than just another race. The Maratón Lala is one of the most important marathons in the country, bringing elite athletes from around Mexico and across the globe.

Whether you are a dedicated runner or just an interested spectator, you are sure to enjoy yourself at this annual event. So get ready to cheer on these elite runners as they cross the finish line – you might even be inspired to take a jog around town.

Coahuila: Festival Rodeo Saltillo

Cowboy culture is going strong in Coahuila and the rest of Mexico, and you can enjoy the annual celebration of riding, roping and other ranch skills at the Festival Rodeo Saltillo. For more than half a century, this annual rodeo has been going strong, attracting the best cowboys and cowgirls from throughout the region and far beyond. If you love horses, cows, and competition, this event is not to be missed.

Feria de la Uva y el Vino

You do not have to be a fluent Spanish speaker to recognize the word vino. If you love fine wines and good company, this is the place to be. On the first and second weekend of August every year, is the Feria de la Uva y el Vino. Therefore it is a natural destination for anyone who appreciates a good grape and the delicious beverages those grapes can create. Be sure to bring your appetite – there is lots of great food at this festival, and you can wash it down with wonderful vintage wine.

It does not matter when you choose to visit Coahuila – there is never a bad time to be here. Whether you crave a relaxing vacation or a true travel adventure, you can find it in this bustling part of Mexico. And best of all, you can bring your car with you.

As long as you protect yourself with quality Mexican car insurance and follow safe driving habits while in the country, you can have a great time and enjoy the convenience of having your personal vehicle with you no matter where you roam. So make your plans now and get ready to have a great time in Coahuila and beyond.

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