The Type of Mexico Car Insurance You Need

When you plan to drive into Mexico, you should make sure that you purchase Mexico car insurance before you begin your journey.

Did you know that U.S. car insurance policies are not valid in Mexico?

This means that you do not have coverage for damages when you are in the country.  It is crucial to have Mexico car insurance from a well-known insurance company.

What Type of Mexico Car Insurance Coverage Do You Need?

Driving as a tourist in Mexico, you must have Mexico auto liability insurance.  You can buy comprehensive Mexico car insurance for physical damage and medical payments. Also, travel and legal assistance while you are south of the border.

Mexican Statutes and Civil Law determine Auto insurance liability.

Mexico does not have personal injury lawyers as you know them in the United States.  It is virtually unheard of to file claims for pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Plus, claims for physical injury to others are settled based on actual loss, guided by the statute.

It is a lot more likely to have a liability claim for property damage than it is to have one for physical injury.  The Mexicans are just a tougher culture as far as that goes.  As you may already know, this is the opposite of how we settle claims in the United States. Hurt someone’s feeling in the United States, and you will face a lawsuit.

For coverage to apply all mexinsurance claims under the policy for Mexico must be brought and decided in the country where the incident occurred.

Get Mexican Auto Insurance Online

When you need Mexico car insurance that provides comprehensive coverage to protect you, call Mex Insurance.

The company offers complete Mexican auto insurance policies. Also, giving you the best rates in the industry and significant savings. To find out more or get a quote, visit today.

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