The Rosarito-Ensenada Bike Ride

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ensenada mountain bike championshipSeptember 28, 2013

This eighty-mile bicycling event is an extraordinary showcase of the beautiful scenery between these two famous Baja California coastal cities.  Not only will riders veer alongside the breathtaking Pacific Ocean, they will cruise through charming seaside towns and the countryside near the peninsula’s coast.  The ride, scheduled for September 28, 2013, is regarded as moderate in terms of difficulty.  Many travelers look forward to this event and come to participate or cheer on the riders as they begin or end their trek. It’s a great time to be in Baja California in either of these tourist-friendly (Rosarito and Ensenada) cities that boast a wide array of attractions.


The Bike Ride

Participants of this Rosarito Ensenada Bike ride will peddle about 6.5 hours to peddle the 80 miles of the course.  The entire length of the bike ride is held on paved road.  According to the official website, expert riders can make the journey in about two hours while the average amount of time is somewhere around four hours.  Anyone still riding by 4 PM will be picked up by one of the event’s sweeper trucks as it’s not safe to ride at night where bikers might not be readily visible to motorists.  During the race, however, vehicles are restricted to certain lanes allowing riders a clear path uninterrupted by motor traffic.


The first part of the trek is along the coast.  The roads are essentially flat while the coastal towns and villages provide picturesque scenery.  Toward the end of this stretch is some inclined terrain but then the second leg of the journey will lead bikers through scenic countryside filled with the flora of coastal Baja California.  Be prepared for some hilly terrain as you ride through the grasslands. The third leg of the ride leads bikers down an incline back toward the ocean; however, speeds must be controlled as the curves can be dangerous for bikers who cruise too fast.  The last part of the journey is alongside the sea; riders will enter the city of Ensenada where a concluding party is in store for them.


Noteworthy Facts about the Bike Ride

Because bicycles break down and riders can become exhausted, there are five trucks that accompany the riders on their trek.  Anyone unable to complete the bike ride can hitch a ride for themselves and their bike on one of these trucks.  Water stations will be set up at various parts of the trek.  First aid will also be available should a rider fall or require some medical assistance.  Security is also provided throughout the journey so participants can make the ride in as much comfort as possible and enjoy the experience!


Cruising the Coast of the Baja Peninsula

Biking enthusiasts will find the ride entrancing; the scenic splendor of the Pacific and coastal lands is why this ride has become so popular.  The event is a summertime highlight and this year’s ride promises to be a spectacular experience for the riders.  The culminating leg of the ride in Ensenada is well worth the trek as the celebration is geared to be big.  If you bike and have never made this trek, consider making a point to participate; it will be an experience to remember!


Official Mexican Insurance for the Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride

Official Rosarito Ensenada Bike Ride website


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