JUNE 5-7
Ensenada, Baja California


Primm, Nevada

Ensenada to Ensenada Loop, Baja California

Here are some of the comments on the SCORE message boards:

‘I have heard the consensus is Baja has become too dangerous in the past year or so. I am not alone here and I want to feel I can trust SCORE to relay its honest analysis of the situation onto us. Has it become increasingly dangerous? Can it be solved?’

one of the replies:

There have always been issues in Baja, especially near the border around TJ and Rosarito Beach areas. Several years ago it was on hwy 5 near KM 70 -KM 90, but that got resolved. Most of the problems occur late night like midnight to 3am. There was a bike rider getting shot near Valle Trinidad before the 1000 last year that was really weird, I don’t know the final outcome but the guy was caught, my guess he was a guard for a pot farm or a drunk rancher. Anyway everyone going to Baja should use their head and don’t put themselves in a bad situation. The general rule is don’t drive at night, at least late night. There is a stepped up police presence at the SCORE races that has calmed things down. The business of Baja want you to come and have put pressure on the officials to make it safer. To be honest part of me says let people think it is not safe. Less people less crowding. Hotels are easier to get and cheaper. The list could go on. Only you can decide if Baja is OK to visit. If you think it is unsafe then stay at home or go elsewhere.’

the bottom line is that it is an event that can be exciting and memorable, but the risks have to be weighed and considered… if you go, use precautions, take the advice of those who take the time to pass it along, educate yourself before you go on the do’s and don’ts!

… oh, if only this were a perfect world, eh? All we wanna do is have fun. Right? – Marcy

For more info you can check out the SCORE site http://www.score-international.com


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  1. oh, I’m watching this show called "When The Dust Settles", about the Baja races, and the most bizarre thing! The Mexican cops pulled over the racers at one point… FOR SPEEDING!!