Surfing in Mexico

Surfing in Mexico: June to September is the best season! Many of the tournaments and contests are in Baja, but now the beaches are open for the rest of the surfers! Time to tie the long-board on top of the VeeDub and head for a south-facing beach south of the border!

Surf Mexico
Surf Baja

Surfing Mexico Conditions

The conditions are similar to those in San Diego, the water temp the same (quite cold) but the key difference is there is rarely a crowd. We all know surfers hate to share the waves!

There is a beach between Rosarito and Ensenada, that is visited all year round by surfers from all over the world.  Such beaches include Baja Malibu, Rosarito’s K-38 & 39, La Fonda and San Miguel. Another great place for surfers is at the Todos Santos Bay in Ensenada, known for its vast and raging waves.

Baja Waves
The form in baja is awesome in the winter

Mexico Surf Reminders

In any event, remember visitors to the northern part of Baja don’t need vehicle permits. However, regardless of your length of trip, you need an FMM (Tourist Permit).

Surf Baja

Final Tips for Tourists

Also, it is Napoleonic down there when it comes to crime: you are guilty until proven innocent! You must have Mexican car insurance, or carry enough cash to pay for damages otherwise (not a good idea, however). Impounding your car, and taking you to jail are options for local police if you don’t have insurance. Also, with complete coverage, your car is covered for total theft.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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