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If you’ve been to Baja before, AND you are aware that it is known for its gorgeous beaches. Many of those beaches – at least the ones not absolutely bogged down with beach-going tourists – are excellent surfing spots. K38 (or Kilometer 38), located in the northern part of the peninsula is no exception. It’s a great place to spend a day of surfing on some of Baja’s most well-known waves.

k-38 Baja
k38 Baja

As a surfing spot, K38 is about 400 yards long in total. There are several distinct “mini-spots” on the short stretch of the beach. The most popular is locally known as “the point” and is located on the far left side (looking out towards the ocean) of the beach. It’s a right-hand surf break that can kick up some seriously long waves. It’s not uncommon to be able to ride a wave on the point for over 200 yards. On a good day, the waves at the point are around head high (five feet).

More about K38

The other, smaller sections of K38 are known as “the left,” “Maria’s,” and “Theresa’s.” The left is the least popular break at K-38 and that is mostly because it is a pretty lackluster wave compared to the others. It’s a low, slow-wave that can be quite funky because of the reef located immediately below it, but, on a good day, the waves can offer a decent short ride.

K-38 Baja Mexico
K-38 Baja

Maria’s is more consistent than the left and more low-key than the point. It’s a safe place for beginners, young kids, and families to try out surfing. Even waves of just one foot in height are surfable on Maria’s. On big days, there are occasionally waves of about head height which makes things a little more interesting for experienced surfers.

Finally, Theresa’s is located on the far right side of K-38. It’s a bit funky compared to the other breaks and is generally fast, shifty, and beat. A lot of cutbacks are required on a normal wave. You should only attempt to surf at Theresa’s if you have some experience under your belt. When you’re surfing the right side of K-38, Theresa’s, make sure that you wear your booties – it is a haven for sea urchins and sharp rocks.

Baja Surf near K-38
Baja Surf near K-38

Getting to K38

K-38 is one of the most accessible surfing spots in Baja. It is located about 15 minutes south of Rosarito Beach on the free road (the highway that runs parallel to the free road), and a few minutes south of Calafia. The “K-38” road marker is the best “sign,” but a large statue of Jesus and the Las Rocas Hotel are also immediately next to the turnoff.

If you’re looking for a fun place to surf in Baja, then K-38 is an excellent bet. It’s one of the most consistent spots in North Baja, has a variety of wave types, and is easily accessible from both the toll highway and the free highway (plus, there is a nice bar just above Theresa’s break). It’s definitely worth a stop on your next Baja surfing trip.

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