Shipwrecks – Baja South Surf

There are almost too many great surf spots in Baja California Sur to count. Despite its slightly gruesome name (and even more gruesome nickname), Ship Wrecks, also known as Chainsaw Point, consistently holds its own when placed side by side with Mexico’s other surf offerings. It’s a large beach area with a consistent stream of good waves so that you don’t have to fight for a turn on your board. Surf Baja: Ship Wrecks.

If you stay up-to-date with the surf happenings in Mexico, then you might have also heard Shipwrecks referred to as Punta San Jacinto. It goes by a lot of names. But its most commonly used name, Shipwrecks, comes from the abundance of ships that wrecked just off of its coast. A few that sank nearest the beach can still be seen poking out of the water today. Simply put, the ocean around Punta San Jacinto is treacherous.

Ship Wrecks Surfing
Ship Wrecks Surfing

Surf Conditions at Shipwrecks

Though Shipwrecks hasn’t been very kind to mariners, it has long been a favorite spot for baja surfing. The waves are around head height (five feet) and they come consistently with a full shape that makes carving easy. They rarely get too big for beginners to handle though they still remain fun for experts. The biggest danger to keep an eye out for is the exposed shipwrecks – you definitely don’t want to crash into one of them!

Baja Surf
Ship Wrecks Baja Surf

One of the best parts about surfing at this spot in Baja Mexico is the fact that it rarely gets busy. It’s a long drive south from Quatro Casas and not many tourists or locals stop by on a regular basis. It’s also out of the way for most casual surfers, so if you’re lucky (and you’re likely to be), you’ll have the waves all to yourself. On that same note, it’s a desolate area. It’s always smart to bring along a friend just to have someone around in case of an emergency.

How to Find Shipwrecks Surf Spot

Shipwrecks is a beautiful baja surfing spot. It is rare to find such smooth waves without the big crowds. Plus, the beach is nice and the sunken wrecks provide great scenery. To visit Shipwrecks catch the road near the El Presidente Hotel in San Jose Del Cabo. It’s a little road without signs, so stop in at the hotel for directions if you’re having trouble finding the turnoff. Once you’re on the road, it’s a straight shot to the beach. If you love riding the waves, then make sure that you visit Shipwrecks at least once.

Ships Wreck Baja
Ships Wreck Surf Baja

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