Baja Surf Spots

Why would you want to surf Baja?  By the end of this post, you will plan your trip.

Next, go pack up and go to Baja, jump into the cold saltwater and surf.  Here are the best surf spots within driving distance of LA/San Diego:

Salsipuedes Baja Surf
Surf Baja

Baja Malibu

Just 16 miles from San Diego this beach break has tubular action.  Waves are best in winter and summer at or near low tide.  Take the Baja Malibu exit from the toll.  You’ll find parking on the dead-end street to the north side of the houses (Baja Malibu Residential Complex)

Surfing Baja Malibu


Another five miles south of Rosarito on hwy 1 (not the toll road).  There are lots of rocks so cover your feet unless you’ve got the hippie skin.  Calafia has a pretty decent and old hotel that won’t cost $100/night for ocean front room.  The restaurant is good too.


For an adventure further south hit Salsipuedes for a right point reef peak.  You can camp right on the beach-cheap.  Located just 40 minutes from San Diego (north of Ensenada).  The road is not designed for an Oldsmobile or Buick – best suited for off-road vehicles.  If the surf is small (you’ll see it from the toll road) keep going to San Miguel.

San Miguel

Just north of Ensenada, this is one of the better spots, the camping is a bit more expensive but they have hookups and warm showers.  Ensenada is just 10 minutes further south for excellent food – I recommend Mahi Mahi. Back to the point, The San Miguel point break can get crowded during the northwest-west swell.

Baja Surf Religion
Cultural surfing in Baja Mexico near Rosarito before Ensenada

Surfing in Baja is more than just a weekend getaway, it’s like going to a religious retreat for cold saltwater worshippers.

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