Surfing Mushrooms Baja
Surfing Mushrooms Baja

Just south of Calafia (which is just south of Rosarito itself) is a large white (formerly pink) tower leaning haphazardly to one side. It’s been in a state of disrepair for over two decades, so most people don’t pay much attention to it. Well, these people, especially the surfers among them, are missing out. The beach that sits just in front of the white tower, a beach also known as Mushrooms, is one of the best surfing spots in all of Baja Mexico. Surf Baja Mushrooms.

In addition to being a great spot, Mushrooms is also one of the most overlooked and least crowded in the area. Thousands of surfers drive right by it every season but few ever stop to catch a few waves. If you ever get the opportunity to surf Mushrooms, then there is a good chance that you will be one of the only surfers in the water.

The waves at Mushrooms are killer. They are what set it apart from other little-known Baja surfing spots. The waves are head high (five feet) to double overhead high (ten feet) on an average day. On a big day, they can measure up to triple overhead high (fifteen feet). A little-used beach with waves that large just isn’t very common in Mexico – or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

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Mushrooms Baja

Most little-known spots in Baja take a bit of trekking to reach, but not Mushrooms. It is very easy to locate. You simply take the last Rosarito exit (Pernex Station) on the toll road and turn left. The beach is about four miles down the road. It is easy to spot because of the funky pink tower. There are plenty of places to park for free.

It is important to note that Mushrooms is slightly more dangerous than other reef breaks in the Baja area. It has a bottom made out of a sand and rock mix. The rocks are very sharp and can leave a nasty gash if you fall on one. The undercurrent is also strong. It is recommended that you wear booties at all times at Mushrooms and that beginners stay out of the water – intermediates and experts should be fine.

Mushrooms is a terrific Baja surfing spot. It has a “secret” vibe about it, has large waves, and is very easy to locate. There really isn’t much more that you could ask for from a surfing spot.

Surfing Mushrooms Baja
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