Supporting Youth Basketball in Tijuana

MexInsurance® and the Hoopology Academy teamed up this summer to offer a camp to the children of Tijuana and it was a huge success.

Jason Perkins, the founder of Hoopology applied his expertise and passion for the game south of the border this July to the benefit of the Children of Tijuana, Mexico.  Mr. Perkins uses the game to teach life lessons to young athletes.  He emphasizes education, sportsmanship, and respect.

Hoopology Founder Jason Perkins with Stephen Curry

The children of Tijuana were presented with a real treat by welcoming Jason Perkins and his Hoopology Academy

The Kids in Tijuana ran through the following drills

  • 21 Cones – Shooting Drill
  • Pivot Shooting – Shooting Drill
  • Chase Down Layups – Shooting Drill
  • Dribble Knockout – Dribbling Drill
  • Collision Dribbling – Dribbling Drill
  • Scarecrow Tiggy – Dribbling Drill

Several talks and discussions took place from the commander, Jason Perkins which included inspiring stories about perseverance, passion, grit, dedication, and commitment. In all, it is clear Jason Perkins truly loves this game of basketball. Just by looking at the faces of the children of Tijuana who attended the event, some of that love-filled their souls. Even the parents who were sitting far away, came closer to hear the words. You could tell at the beginning of day 1 all parents were filling the stands in the back rows, far corners but at the end of the clinic, parents were as close to Jason as possible. He is an eloquent speaker and a true ambassador of the game.

Thank you Jason, and your staff for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with the young men and women.® has been providing quality insurance for Mexico since 2003.

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