Studying Abroad: Mexican Universities

Studying abroad helps students to gain new and valuable educational and life experiences through total immersion in the language and culture of the host country. When students study abroad in Mexico, it gives them many opportunities to learn more about Mexican culture. It also helps them to become fluent in Spanish. Student’s lives are enriched by the experience of studying abroad. It helps to foster a feeling of global citizenship. Mexico Is A Popular Foreign Study Destination. Mexico was the 13th most popular foreign destination in 2018-2019 for students who wanted to study abroad. There were about 4,200 students from the U.S. in the 2018-2019 academic year who chose Mexico as their study destination. This represented an increase of 1.3 percent from the previous year. Studying abroad adds a new dimension to a student’s studies. The atmosphere is diverse and the things that students learn to enrich their lives in a way that few other experiences can. Some study programs that students have to choose from in Mexico are Liberal Arts, Spanish language, Mexican literature, economics, politics, and ancient history. Students can choose to study in Puebla, Mexico City, the Yucatan Peninsula, Guadalajara, or Cuernavaca. Students receive a broad-based education when they choose to study in Mexico. Many find that Mexico is a fascinating place to live and study.

The Mexican Educational System

The Educational System In Mexico has over 2,000 institutions of higher learning for students to choose from. These include both two-year technical institutes and four-year colleges. The four-year college model is very similar to the programs found in the United States. If a student wants to go beyond a four-year degree program, there are one and two-year graduate degree programs available. There are also two to four-year programs for those who wish to enter a scientific research program. You can find the top Mexican Universities to study abroad here,

Many students love the opportunities provided by studying in Mexico, especially in the areas of recreation and quality of life. Many students live with a host family in their homes while they study in Mexico. They have a richer educational experience this way and are able to learn more about the culture and language through complete immersion. They have the chance to practice their language skills in everyday life situations in a safe family environment. It offers students a warmth and friendship that they might not find if they were to live on campus in a dormitory or in apartments off-campus.

What Are The Prerequisites

Students Must Have A Student Visa To Study In Mexico, a student plans to study in Mexico for longer than six months, they must have a student visa. A visa gives students the permission needed to live and study in Mexico and allows them to pursue their education in any educational institution. Visas are usually issued to students who plan to enter programs that last longer than six months. If a student is enrolled in a shorter program, they should get a tourist card instead of a student visa. It can take from two days to three weeks to get a student visa. The fee in the 2011-2012 academic year for a student visa was $29. Student visas are valid for one year and must be renewed each year. Tourist cards are valid for six months. To get a student visa, students need to have specific paperwork with them.

Required papers include an application, a passport, a letter from the college the student is enrolled in, and a letter showing that the student is financially able to pay for their education. They should have scholarship paperwork if they have received a scholarship. Students also need a letter from the host family and a certificate to show they are in good health. Studying abroad is a wonderful way to see new places, have new experiences, and to become a more globally aware person. Lessons learned can be applied to all aspects of life, and give one a new appreciation for other countries and their unique cultures. By studying in Mexico, students often leave with new friendships and fond memories for a lifetime.

If you decide to study abroad in Mexico, you will probably not need a car. If you DO bring your car, check with to maintain coverage while in Mexico. Contact us today to discuss the other requirements to bringing your own car to college in Mexico.

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