Rosarito Beach

Rosarito Beach

Located roughly thirty-five minutes from the U.S. border in Mexico, the coastal city of Rosarito Beach lies on the Pacific Ocean in the Mexican state of Baja California.  Its proximity to San Diego, California and Tijuana makes it a popular destination for visitors in search of a vibrant beach town with plenty of Mexican culture and hospitality.  Though set in the foothills of the Peninsular Ranges, Rosarito enjoys a more uniform terrain than other locations on the peninsula.  Its wide range of activities and city life makes it an attractive destination for many holiday seekers crossing the border into Mexico.




Rosarito’s climate is sometimes compared to a Mediterranean climate.  Its waters teem with marine life—most notably sport fish and migrating whales.  The terrain surrounding the city as well as part of its coast is popular for off-roading.  Noted for its gentle hills as well as the ocean and desert, Rosarito Beach is as pleasant a locale as any on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.


The beach in Playas de Rosarito, a city in the Mexican state of Baja California

The beach in Playas de Rosarito, a city in the Mexican state of Baja California


Various tribes of Yuman peoples once made their home in this region of Mexico.  While little is known about the earliest Mesoamerican people to roam here as hunters and gathers, later tribes were known to practice a semi-nomadic way of life with some agriculture.  The Spanish discovered the peninsula in 1535; however, they would not colonize the region for some centuries due to its rugged terrain, lack of adequate fresh water supplies, and hostile Native Americans who were opposed to Spanish subjugation.  It would take centuries before the missionaries took firm root in the peninsula and still longer for the indigenous people to assimilate.


It was not until 1825 that Rosarito witnessed its first ranch and the settlement was not officially founded in Mexico until 1885.  For decades it remained a suburb of Tijuana, but in 1995 it gained its own city status.  As Tijuana prospered through tourism, Rosarito also developed as a more tranquil getaway for Tijuana vacationers looking to experience beach activities.  Recently, skyscrapers and high rise hotels punctuate the coast of Rosarito luring travelers from all over the globe.



Rosarito is one of Baja California’s most popular destinations.  It’s an easy drive to reach from the border and its amenities are noted for their safety, hospitality, and attractive appeal.  Many people visit Rosarito simply to enjoy its ocean-side beauty, sunny climate, and water sports like scuba or kayaking.  Sport fishing remains a popular activity in Rosarito and various companies provide boats and guides to the hottest fishing spots.  Eco-activities are also popular along this stretch of coast from whale watching to viewing other kinds of marine life.  The outlying areas of Rosarito are popular for off-roading, hiking, and camping.  There are RV parks and campgrounds as well as enchanting coastal inns and luxury hotels in and around Rosarito.  The city boasts more than twenty-five resorts as well.  While there is substantial vibrant nightlife in Rosarito, there are also plenty of family-friendly venues to enjoy.


Playas de Rosarito Baja California

Playas de Rosarito Baja California

Things to See and Do in Rosarito Beach

Puerto Nuevo: This traditional lobster village is one of the most popular stops for people visiting Rosarito and Baja North in general.  For delectably fresh lobster doused in butter and grilled, there is no better place on the peninsula to experience such fine food paired with such simple and authentically Mexican hospitality.


Christ of the Sacred Heart: This statue of Christ is a notable landmark on a hill to the south of the city of Rosarito in Baja.


El Museo at Festival Plaza: If you ever wanted to learn about Rattlesnake Tequila or even try some, this museum of tequila is your finest opportunity!  Find out about the region’s tequila history and taste some authentic and locally produced brew.


Horseback Riding: The hills and coastal regional of Rosarito Beach are ideal for riding horses.  Many tourists set aside time to ride through one of the local stables.


ATV Rental: Off-roading is incredibly popular in Rosarito.  Rentals requite drivers to be at least eighteen years of age.


Water Sport: Swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and even surfing are popular pastimes on the long Rosarito stretch of coast.


Coronado island rocks seen close to the beaches of Rosarito Mexico

Coronado island rocks seen close to the beaches of Rosarito Mexico

Sport Fishing: Many people come to Rosarito to experience the exciting sport fishing scene.  Charter a boar or fish right from the Rosarito Pier.


Shopping: Rosarito is celebrated for its various shopping venues particularly along Juarez Boulevard.  Many tourists enjoy shopping the city for its stores of ceramics, jewelry, and leather goods.


The Rosarito Beach Hotel: As one of the most iconic hotels of the Baha Peninsula, the hotel is well worth checking out.  The hotel sponsors various arts and cultural events and is a hub for city entertainment.