Spring Break Venues: Rocky Point

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Rocky Point Map

Rocky Point Map

Rocky Point is one of Mexico’s most famous spring break destinations.  Known in Mexico as Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point is filled with exciting things for vacationers to see and do.  Its sunny climate and tranquil position on the Sea of Cortez provide its natural splendor while its many entertainment venues, clubs, and restaurants add a vibrant element to this memorable desert city.  Of course, Rocky Point is filled with extraordinary places to enjoy a vacation, but the following are some of the most popular among the spring break set.



Marina Pinacate

This exciting resort on Sandy Beach is a favorite upscale resort in Rocky Point.  Situated near popular bars and restaurants, this resort is a great place to enjoy a Rocky Point spring break.  With views of the sea and luxurious amenities, the Marina Pinacate boasts comfortable and spacious condo rentals that are ideal for groups wanting a beachfront holiday.


Baja Hotel

More affordable than the city’s resorts and luxury hotels, the Baja Hotel is situated both the airport and Sea of Cortez.  The hotel’s rooms provide glimpses of the sea or mountains and tend to be popular among vacationers arriving for spring break.  The hotel features a pool and swim-up bar along with a restaurant.  It’s a great place to consider staying for spring break.



Playa Mirador

This illustrious beach is a favorite spring break destination.  The beachside parties stretch late into the night on this beach and the music from coastal clubs and discos spills out onto the sands.  The seaside vistas are particularly appealing and many simply love to sunbathe or stroll along the coast.  Rentals of jet skis and kayaks are also available.  Volleyball games and crowds of youthful sun-lovers make this one of the most vibrant of Mexico’s spring time beaches.


Sandy Beach

With its nearby hotels and resorts, Sandy Beach is an internationally known Rocky Point beach.  As a hub for tourism, there are also spas, restaurants, shops, and cafes situated near the beach.  Golf is also popular near the beach while the beaches water sports are famed throughout the city.



Al Capone’s

While decidedly American in terms of its pizza and beer cuisine, Al Capone’s is a great place to top off a fun beach-filled day.  Its wide beer selection is popular throughout Rocky Point and its exciting atmosphere makes it popular with the spring break set.


JJ’s Cantina

Both historic and comfortable, this restaurant and bar is popular with locals and American visitors alike.  The Mexican cantina atmosphere is complemented by live music and events like chili cook-offs and fishing derbies.  JJ’s is one of the city’s most popular nightlife venues.



This restaurant is a favorite place for great food at affordable prices.  Known for its large menu and excellent service, Rose’s is a fun restaurant to grab a meal after an action-filled day in Rocky Point.



Manny’s Beach Club

Open during peak seasons like spring break or on weekends, Manny’s is a well-known and favorite place to party in Rocky Point.  Located in the Malecon area of the city, the club is popularly frequented by the spring break set who love to dance and drink after the sun goes down.


Club Elixir

This popular nightclub is boasts a relaxing atmosphere where people can hang out over drinks, but also a dance floor that is always packed.  A terrace and local bands give the club a remarkable energy that vacationers love.



Spring break is an exciting time to be in Rocky Point.  The city comes to life with so many visitors converging on its fantasy beaches and fun-filled venues.  Aside from water sports like snorkeling, scuba, sailing, jet skiing, and kayaking, there is also world class golf and other fun activities like off-roading, horseback riding, and hiking.  The desert scenery is known for its incredible beauty and many eco-travelers enjoy visiting the region surrounding Rocky Point.  With its many affordable accommodations and restaurants, Rocky Point is an excellent destination to enjoy a memorable spring break with family or friends.  Moreover, the city welcomes throngs each year with its characteristic charms and fun-filled events and cultural venues.

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