Spring Break in San Felipe

San Felipe Baja with palm trees overlooking the Gulf of Mexico
San Felipe Baja with palm trees overlooking the Gulf of Mexico

The Gateway to the Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is a beautiful seaside city of Baja California. While the state is often well known for its Pacific Coast tourist cities and towns, San Felipe demonstrates how the Sea of Cortez is a destination when it comes to enjoying spring break on glorious Mexican beaches. San Felipe boasts an enchanting air that makes any holiday a memorable one. If you plan to get away for spring break, you should consider a visit to this haven full of natural and cultural attractions.

Spring Break in San Felipe

If clubs dotted along the coast sound like fun to you, think more seriously about getting in the car or hopping on a plane to make the worthwhile trek to this city. San Felipe is famous for its spring break crowds and events. Each year the city looks forward to the throngs who visit for fun in the sun and all manner of water sport. The spring break set enjoys hanging out on the beaches all day to soak up the sun, swim, snorkel, sail, or play volleyball while they have the night to dance and enjoy Mexico’s bounty of specialty cocktails at the clubs and bars around the city. With renowned accommodations as well as plenty of places to camp or park an RV near the beach, San Felipe is a glorious location for enjoying a Mexican beach vacation.

Sunrise San Felipe
Sunrise San Felipe at low tide

Highlights of San Felipe

If you’re looking for resorts or hotels filled with people and other sun seekers, San Felipe has that party atmosphere many spring breakers are looking for. Yet it also boasts many pristine beaches and nearby settings that offer a peaceful sanctuary—a respite from the rest of the world. Explore the hills and dunes of the beaches or simply stroll along the breathtaking sea. You’ll also discover that San Felipe has excellent sport fishing to offer and tours that will acquaint visitors with the best the city has to offer in terms of natural attractions. With plenty of delectable fresh seafood, you’ll be able to taste why so many visitors rave about the cuisine of San Felipe.

Other popular things to do around the city include: kayaking, scuba diving, off-roading, horseback riding, visiting the shops, and beach combing to name a few. Many of the hotels and resorts also offer fine dining experiences and spas. Spring break is definitely a highpoint of the year for this beach town. If you are looking to get away to a Mexican location, you won’t go wrong by choosing San Felipe.

If you plan to drive to San Felipe as many do, be sure to procure your Mexican car insurance and make some reservations before you leave as many venues fill up during the spring season. Short of that, remember to bring your bathing suit and just get ready to have an unforgettable vacation in a stunning setting. Gather your friends or family members and make your plans for a San Felipe spring break.

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