Spring Break: Rosarito Beach

With its fine weather, Pacific beaches, and welcoming atmosphere, Rosarito Beach in Baja California is a great spring break.  Travelers from all over the world have discovered all the activities and venues that the Baja Peninsula has to offer.  Rosarito Beach has beautiful, gorgeous beaches, and is near the U.S. border. It’s just a short drive (20 minutes) south of Tijuana.  When considering spring break travel plans, look to Rosarito Beach and its cool things to see and do.

spring break Rosarito
spring break Rosarito


Rosarito’s Beaches: For a volleyball game or just a stretch to stroll for a Mexican sunset, the beaches are lovely. Great surfing beaches are complemented by other types of water sport like scuba, snorkeling, and kayaking.  On the other hand, some beaches are ideal for sunbathing or simply hanging out with friends.  The beaches are a major draw for the city’s social scene.  Most travelers who come to Rosarito are content to experience the beaches and the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Rosarito Map
Map of Rosarito

Horseback Riding

Spring break is a great time to go horseback riding.  Riding along the coast or area surrounding the city is an great way to soak up the glorious Mexican sun.  Vacationers find the horseback riding thrilling and the perfect excursion to enjoy with friends.


The Baja Peninsula is famous for its off-roading fun.  The spring break set is especially drawn to this fun sport that is filled with excitement.  Plenty of rentals are available, but during spring break the demand is high. So, be sure to reserve a rental as soon as you slate it in your itinerary!

Rosarito Beach
Rosarito Beach


When and if you need a break from the beach, shopping is a popular Rosarito pastime.  Near the Festival Plaza Hotel is a revered market for artisan-made goods. However, there are also famous shops and boutiques in the city.  When planning your spring break activities, make sure to stroll through the colorful markets and stores of Rosarito Beach.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Puerto Nuevo

Rosarito is a popular travel destination so it’s filled with incredible places to dine and have a good time.  When looking for langostos (lobster) drive fifteen minutes south to the coastal village of Puerto Nuevo.  Enjoy lobster prepared in the Puerto Nuevo style over drinks while enjoying the incredible ocean views.

Rock and Roll Taco

Great music and tacos—what more could you want for spring break aside from the sunny beaches?!  This club is a favorite hangout for people on spring break, but they are additionally famous for their great food.  When looking for a nightclub that also boasts great cuisine, this is a terrific venue to consider.

El Patio

For a traditional Mexican lunch, discover the great food at El Patio.  They also have breakfast and it’s the perfect place to start your Rosarito day.  Fill up on their Mexican-style omelets before heading to the beaches.


Papa’s & Beer

One of the biggest clubs on the Baja Peninsula, this venue draws throngs for its dancing, music, and drink specials.  It’s especially hopping throughout spring break.  They have nine bars, state of the art sound system, volleyball court, and more. This club is a major Rosarito attraction.

Club Animal

When looking to a party near the beach, this coastal club offers both an indoor and outdoor experience.  Various bars, dancing, and plenty of music make this a popular Rosarito club.

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Spring Break in Rosarito Beach

Rosarito Beach is a premier location to enjoy spring break—Mexican style!  Breathtaking scenery and warm hospitality, Rosarito is also easy to reach by a car when driving down from the U.S.  The city also has many great hotels so finding the perfect place to suit your budget and style is easy.  Plan your Rosarito spring break right away—you won’t be sorry with everything there is to enjoy in this awesome Baja city by the sea!

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