Girls Guide to Spring Break Rosarito

If you and the girls are looking for destination Spring Break – Rosarito might be what you’re looking for. The Baja Peninsula boasts many scenic and splendid coastal cities, but Rosarito Beach remains near and dear to vacationers who want to experience majestic ocean scenery in a town that knows how to entertain them.  Situated on the Pacific Ocean in the Mexican state of Baja California, Rosarito Beach is a favorite spring break destination, but its soft side is uniquely appealing to women who enjoy its many vacation activities and venues.

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girls spring break


Rosarito Beach is within an hour’s drive from San Diego which makes it an appealingly close option for sun-seekers who don’t want to travel too far from the U.S. border.  Its position on the Pacific Ocean provides it with its dreamy, oasis-like quality.  Its beaches are revered and its myriad of activities will please any girl looking for a variety of things to do.

Staying Safe on Spring Break in Rosarito Beach

It’s always safest for women on spring break to travel together and try to avoid going out on their own; of course, this is practical information when traveling to any city, especially if the city is unfamiliar.  Rosarito is a friendly town and most welcoming to vacationers.  Women will discover that if they follow the common-sense safety rules they follow elsewhere, they’re likely to have a pleasurable vacation experience.  In the event of a lost passport, it’s helpful to keep the number of the U.S. consulate in one’s suitcase.  Many high-end hotels can also be helpful to guests in the event of an emergency.

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Girl on Beach Spring Break Rosarito

Where to Stay

Rosarito Beach boasts many elegant and even budget-friendly accommodations.  Inns, bed and breakfasts, hotels, and villa rentals can easily be procured; however, these preferred places often fill up for peak periods like spring break so it is important to book as far in advance as possible.  One of the most famous places to stay in Rosarito Beach is the famed Rosarito Beach Hotel.  Its resort-like atmosphere is luxurious and it offers various packages for groups.  From its fine restaurants to its spa, the Rosarito Beach Hotel is an extraordinary place to stay.

For women who require a very budget-friendly place to stay, consider the Posada Don Luis Hotel which boasts comfortable rooms, a pool, and a fine reputation as a service-oriented hotel.  Many inexpensive hotels provide security guards which is a good safety option for women traveling on their own.

Where to Eat

Rosarito Beach is well known for its fine dining and fresh seafood.  Of course, the most famous place to eat in the region is at one of the restaurants in nearby Puerto Nuevo, a small coastal fishing village that has become internationally known for its singularly prepared lobster.  Since you can be there within fifteen minutes of leaving Rosarito, it’s a worthwhile excursion for a delicious meal.

Mexican Food
Mexican Food

Azteca Restaurant is located at the Rosarito Beach Hotel.  It boasts a luxurious atmosphere and is the perfect place to splurge on a fantastic meal.  Part of Mexico’s charm is its food and dining here will not disappoint.  They feature both traditional and regional Baja fare that is sure to please any taste.

Charly’s Place is a local favorite and is a great place to grab a delicious meal while on the go.  It’s a great place to have lunch during a shopping day or a late afternoon meal before heading out to Rosarito’s clubs.  The shrimp quesadillas are a favorite, but the menu is revered among tourists and locals alike.

Where to Dance

Women who want to dance the night away in a great setting should check out Club Animale.  It’s a favorite nightlife destination because its venue is spread both indoors and out.  Because it’s situated right on the beach, it’s a great place to mingle while enjoying the breathtaking ocean scenery.

Club Maya

For an upscale night on the town, consider Club Maya and its phenomenal setting.   The club is known for its hypnotic Latin music grooved to by throngs of vacationers and travelers searching for the perfect Rosarito nightlife experience.  The temple-like décor adds an exotic feel to the atmosphere and the drinks are some of the best in the city.

Rosarito Beach knows how to wine and dine women who visit for spring break or just want to enjoy a special holiday.  The beautiful beaches are complemented by loads of fun activities for women to enjoy like whale watching, snorkeling, kayaking, and much more.  Its proximity to the U.S. makes it easy to reach while its unique Baja flair makes it a stand-out destination for girls who want a singular vacation.

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