Spring Break in Northern Mexico

Spring Break Mexico Safety
Be Safe in Mexico for Spring Break

Following safety tips is a vital aspect of traveling anywhere.  Yet, many vacationers are so focused on the fun time ahead of that they may forget about safety concerns.  Various cities and towns of Northern Mexico are popular spring break destinations attracting college students and sun-lovers from the United States and other countries around the world.  When traveling to and around Northern Mexico, vacationers should become familiar with the following travel tips and advice.

Travel and Stay in Groups

There seems always to be greater protections in groups.  College students, in particular, should embark on their spring break travels together as much as possible.  A lone student and a lone female especially may be more likely to be approached or regarded as an easy crime victim.   Remaining in a group enhances safety and allows each group member to look out for the others.  As a member of a group, individuals are likely to feel less vulnerable and more apt to enjoy their stay in a foreign country.  Just because students travel in groups, however, doesn’t mean they should throw caution to the wind and ignore the possibility of crime.  Remaining vigilant and in control is an important part of overall safety.

Spring Break Mexico
Spring Break Mexico with Group of Friends

Be Informed

The U.S. State Department proactively warns travelers of dangerous regions in Mexico as well as other foreign nations.  Drug violence, in particular, affects some parts of Mexico.  Be sure to understand where these unsafe areas are and avoid traveling to them just as you would in your own home state.

Keep Your Documents and Important Information in Order

Before traveling to Mexico, be sure to copy your passport and leave it with a trusted family member or friend at home. If you lose your passport, this person can help facilitate the replacement process.  On that note, be sure to keep the number of the U.S. Consulate on you in the event of this or some other emergency.  Also, keep your travel documents, itinerary, mex insurance and passport secure; do not leave them out for hotel staff to peruse.

Spring Break Rosarito Girl
Spring Break Rosarito Girl

Multiple Forms of Money

While it’s always helpful to have some cash on hand, it can become a serious problem in the event of theft.  Instead, diversify your money with travelers’ checks, bank cards, credit cards, and even Mexican currency.  Never leave your purse of wallet unattended while at the beach, club, or restaurant.  Also, never let anyone see that you have a significant amount of cash on you to avoid becoming a target for theft.

Blend In

No matter where you travel, it’s always a good idea to blend in as much as possible.  If you look like a tourist, you make look attractive to a pickpocket.  Try not to dress too flashy or too revealing.  Don’t wear a camera around your neck while walking the city streets and don’t peruse your city map within a crowded square.  By appearing as if you know where you are going, you aren’t likely to stand out to thieves.

Teens Spring Break Rosarito
Teens Spring Break Rosarito

Stranger Danger

Often, students on spring break will meet locals or other travelers on Mexico’s sunny beaches or vibrant clubs.  The temptation to join newly met people to head off to other venues or private parties can be great.  It’s important to remain in public settings like clubs or restaurants when meeting someone new.  It is not a safe idea to leave alone with a brand new acquaintance to drive in their car or attend an unknown or non-public venue.

Travel Safe Highways

Be sure to plan your travel itinerary so you know where you are going when you drive into Mexico.  Northern Mexico is large and contains many remote tracts.  You don’t want to get lost in the desert and break down with no help in sight.  Try to drive on highways where Green Angels are present; Mexico’s Green Angels patrol such highways to help travelers in the event of car problems.


Be sure your family and trusted friends at home know about your travel plans and have numbers to reach you at hotels, spas, or resorts.  If you should suddenly change plans, take time to call home or even send a quick text message alerting your family you’ve decided to take a special day trip, extend your chip, or change your airline.  Keeping your family informed adds to your overall safety in the event of an emergency.

Northern Mexico knows how to show the spring break set a magnificent time.  Mexico boasts charming locales and glorious beaches.  Yet, like anywhere, travelers must be vigilant about safety.  To enhance your stay in Mexico’s sun-drenched cities, be sure to keep these tips in mind during your stay in Mexico.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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