COVID-19: Stay Home During Spring Break 2020 – Refunds


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,® encourages everyone to stay at home during Spring Break 2020. In the interest of public safety, they are making this an easier decision by offering a full refund on their Mexican Car Insurance Policies.

Spring Break 2020 - Alone
Spring Break 2020 – Growth in Solitude


Many of the Mexican resort meccas are favorite Spring Break destinations for kids from the United States. While, at this time, Mexico hasn’t been impacted by COVID-19 as severely other parts of the world,® would like to encourage everyone to do their part to help assure this doesn’t change by staying home this year.

True, it may sound slightly odd for a company that specializes in Tourist auto insurance for Mexico to ask you to refrain from traveling there. This is a rather unique situation though, and at®, we understand our duty to the greater good must be placed above short-term company profits.

Spring Break 2020 - Putting Time to Good Use
Spring Break 2020 – Putting Time to Good Use

How to Process a Refund

To demonstrate our commitment to keeping our clients safe and secure, we are offering a full refund to all of our policyholders during the Spring Break Season 2020. In the hope of making this as simple and painless as possible for our clients, we have established a simple refund process that takes just a few minutes to complete.

Spring Break comes every year. Life offers many opportunities for fun in the sun and relaxing on the beach with friends. Forgoing a single trip is a small sacrifice to assure your and everyone else’s healthy future. Rather than mourning the loss of this single opportunity to party, we encourage you to put your time to good use at home.

For a new approach on Spring Break 2020 – ALONE at HOME

Spring Break 2020 Alternatives

Consider using the time to study, explore career options online or spend the time catching up on fitness activities. Quiet time, meditation, self-improvement, etc. Reading books and accomplishing personal goals – if you use this time wisely and you’ll come out of this crisis stronger.® may be a U.S. based company but we love the people of Mexico. We want to help ensure their (and your) future health. It is our hope this effort will inspire others to do the same.

Keep up-to-date on the border situation by checking here.

Other Companies Helping During the Crisis

Some credit card companies offer benefits that can help leverage losses as a result of this COVID pandemic. See® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

5 Responses to COVID-19: Stay Home During Spring Break 2020 – Refunds

  1. The coronavirus pandemic has affected many everyday activities as well as travel plans. With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there’s no completely safe way to take a trip this summer. But there are methods to reduce the risks and book responsibly. We at Cheetah-Adventures have always put the safety of our travelers above all else and thus will follow a strict healthcare protocol to make sure our travelers are as safe as possible. We’ll do our best to reduce your concern and help you enjoy your trip. Some of the safety measures that will be taken are:

    All travelers will be provided with masks, gloves and disinfectant sprays
    All vehicles will be disinfected
    Tour guides and other Cheetah-Adventures employees will be tested for COVID-19
    Meals and drinks will be prepared with attention to sanitary guidelines
    Hotels and other types of accommodation chosen will follow the principles of cleanliness
    In case any of the travelers show symptoms of the disease he/she will be transferred to special healthcare centers and hospitals immediately. ( Your guide and driver will have the address and phone number of these centers)
    Sightseeing and visiting attractions will be scheduled in a way that enables practicing social distancing

    • Sounds like good practice Cheetah – we are asking all our partners to take necessary precautions. We also respect your opinion on this being a “Fake Virus” and although are confident it is real, perhaps the panic and reaction are exaggerated but only time will tell. Stay safe of your mind and body!!

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