Rosarito Sewage

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I know this post is NOT good for business, A significant portion of our clients are in Rosarito.  But we care about Baja, and our ocean so I think it’s important we raise awareness wherever needed at whatever cost.

Sewage Surfing?

Surfers:  be advised, as it has been reported by Channel 10 News in San Diego, the San Diego Reader and the Surfrider Foundation that between 20 and 40 million gallons per day (you read that right)  of raw sewage flow into the ocean at Punta Bandera. Something definitely stinks in Rosarito.

The Surfrider Foundation has drone footage of the Rosarito Sewage

If you surf Baja, please be careful where you go and be mindful of the currents. And avoid the Rosarito Sewage if at all possible.

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