San Felipe Clam Fest

In northern Baja California, Mexico on the Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is an ideal vacation destination. With its gorgeous beaches and vibrant holiday atmosphere.  Of course, this sunny coastal village is famous for celebrations and festivals that both locals and tourists look forward to.  Clam Fest is one of those fests that regularly draw a crowd from near and far.  San Felipe’s Clam Fest is sure to be memorable.

Clams with tomato and cilantro in San Felipe

The Clams of San Felipe Clam Fest

Various clam species can be found in the Sea of Cortez.  One of the most popular is the caramel-colored chocolate clam they feature during the event.  As many Mexicans are well aware, the Sea of Cortez is home to a vast abundance of marine life.  Aside from crabs, fishermen regularly haul in shrimp, mussels, scallops, oysters, and spiny lobster. Not to mention a fabulous array of fish.  From famous chefs to local vendors, clams in delicious recipes throughout San Felipe. Although, it’s also possible to taste other bounties from the sea as seafood reigns supreme in San Felipe.

The San Felipe Clam Fest Event

The Malecon hosts Clam Fest but visitors should check out their favorite hotels, restaurants, and clubs to see how they plan to participate.  For instance, wine tastings are also held in conjunction with Clam Fest at many area eateries.  San Felipe’s chefs also feature delightful clam dishes to note this special time in the city.  Of course, since the main feast is held on the boardwalk or Malecon as it is known, most of the delicious mollusks are eaten outdoors under the sunny San Felipe sky well into the evening.  Not surprisingly, many people enjoy picnic-style meals in front of the glittering sea with family or friends.

Visiting San Felipe

With its beach-loving atmosphere and various attractions, San Felipe is a popular place to visit.  The sea boasts many activities like sport fishing, scuba, snorkeling, swimming, and boating.  Even strolling the beach or soaking up the Baja California sun are popular pastimes.  Shopping venues and outdoor markets are popular excursions for travelers exploring the city.  Off-roading or visiting the desert attractions outside the city are also favorite local activities.  Many visitors also enjoy the vibrant nightlife of San Felipe.  Many bars, clubs, and restaurants are near the beach making evening strolls a fabulous way to enjoy the night.  San Felipe attracts visitors from all over the world and meeting new and interesting people is all part of its social charm.

While it’s always a good idea to book a trip to San Felipe, it’s an especially exciting time to visit during Clam Fest.  Food lovers will enjoy the culinary delights of the city and its seafood dishes, but they’ll also find many other things to see and do throughout this village.  As the city is within convenient driving distance from the U.S. border, it’s well-worth planning a trip!  On the other hand, flying in may afford more time to enjoy San Felipe and its beaches!  Either way, this coastal city is one of Baja California’s most epic locales.

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