The San Felipe 250

OFF Road Baja

There is no shortage of reasons to visit Baja California this summer, but the Ensenada to San Felipe 250 is certainly one of them! Visiting Baja Norte, Mexico in the summer is full of adventure and excitement, but the famous off-road races of Baja California are exhilarating for both the racers and the fans! Moreover, the cities of Ensenada and San Felipe are both world-class tourist destinations with sun-kissed beaches and vibrant nightlife, so there is every reason to make the trek to this fun-filled Mexican state!

Ensenada to San Felipe 250 Record Off-Road Race

This famous event features cars, trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs racing across the dusty twists and turns of northern Baja California.  This annual event generally features upwards of about 200 racers; however, they don’t usually all make it to the finish.  The trek isn’t designed to be a piece of cake!  It features some of the most rugged off-roading track in the state. It’s a thrilling event that always draws a crowd.  The race begins in Ensenada and winds for a couple of hundred miles through the hilly desert lands of the state to the finale in San Felipe. Racers essentially start at the Pacific Ocean and finish their journey at the Sea of Cortez.

Off-Roading in Baja California

Off-roading is a popular pastime throughout Mexico, but most people associate the country’s best off-roading territory with the Baja Peninsula. Travelers come from near and far to experience the off-roading terrain set within the state’s extraordinary natural scenery. Off-roading enthusiasts can enjoy the dusty trails of the desert’s back-country or race along the gorgeous coastal dunes with the sea making for an unparalleled backdrop. Both Ensenada and San Felipe offer unforgettable off-roading adventures.

Fun in Ensenada

The race kicks off in this Pacific coastal city with great fanfare. Many fans visiting for the race love to come to Ensenada which has so many exciting things to see and do. The waters off Ensenada offer boast spectacular sport fishing, sailing, surfing, scuba, and much more. The city has some of the most elegant spas, resorts, and hotels in Mexico. Restaurants and shopping venues are throughout the city and its clubs present exciting nightlife. Ensenada is also home of Valle de Guadalupe—the best vineyards in North America. With so many cultural attractions, it’s no wonder that Ensenada is one of the country’s most famous vacation destinations.

Fun in San Felipe

Located on the beautiful Sea of Cortez, San Felipe is the perfect finish for this amazing Baja California race. Known for its stunning beaches, San Felipe also boasts fabulous sport fishing and water sport opportunities. Its enchanting atmosphere makes it the perfect holiday get-away. Race-lovers will enjoy the finale and its celebrations; clubs and restaurants come alive to pay homage to the deserving winners of the race. Internationally renowned, San Felipe is a favorite destination of northern Mexico. Yet whether you cheer the racers from San Felipe or Ensenada, the experience is sure to be unforgettable and fun!

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