San Carlos

San Carlos , Sonora Mexico
San Carlos Marina in Mexico During the Morning

The state of Sonora has a lot to offer, but the beautiful beachfront subdivision of Guaymas known as San Carlos is one of the state’s most stunning attractions. Despite having a population of around 7,000 people, San Carlos has a lot to offer both tourists and residents alike.

A Scenic Sunrise View from Mirador Lookout, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

History of San Carlos

Believe it or not, the community was built on land that used to be occupied by large ranches. These ranches were eventually purchased and the land was used to create this magical village, one of the very first tourism-based communities in the state. The Township was officially incorporated on 28 September 1963. The land was declared a high-priority Tourist Zone and went on to become a popular destination.

A Scenic Coastal View from Mirador Lookout, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Throughout its history, San Carlos has been used in numerous films. These films include Catch-22, The Mask of Zorro, Lucky Lady, Camaroneros, and the Spanish soap opera Por Tu Amor. This helped to further solidify the city as a tourism hot spot.


A Los Algodones Catch 22 Beach and Tetakawi Mountain Shot in San Carlos, Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico

While there are a few interesting and cool things about this place, the fact that its on the beach is the best of all. Whatever you typically do in a beach city, chances are it’s available here. The coolest part about the water in that it’s exceptionally warm and clear, which makes it even better than a typical beach.

Guaymas San Carlos Map
Guaymas San Carlos Map (click for download)

Things to See and Do

If you’re looking for the best sights to see and the best things to do in the area, look no further than the beach. Thanks to the beautiful ocean and excellent weather, it is a real hot spot for scuba diving. There are tons of great dive sites in the area as well as people who can help you get set up.

For those who aren’t so into diving, there are a lot of great RV parks, resorts, and stores. Alternatively, you can simply relax on the beach and enjoy some sunshine with a beautiful view.® – providing quality Mexico Insurance online since 2003.

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  1. […] Many foreigners come back to winter here year after year. If you like shrimp, many say they catch the best shrimp in Mexico off its shores. There is a diverse ex-pat community is you feel the need to congregate with your countrymen. If you don’t, even in the Golden Zone (the hotel and nightclub strip), there are enough Mexican tourists that you still hear more Spanish than English spoken. That’s different from San Carlos.  […]

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